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  • pre.

  • Hey, welcome back, Everybody Say hello to Jon Batiste.

  • Hey, John, with the word I'm hanging in there, man, I'm pushing through.

  • So my so my I got I got my brains a little scrambled these days.

  • I got a little cat scratch fever up here, but I'm gonna I'm gonna be okay.

  • Listen, you mentioned a couple of weeks ago they worked on a Kamala Harris song.

  • Yeah, I understand.

  • Has that reached fruition yet?

  • Yes, it it did.

  • And we shot a nice video to it.

  • A music video?

  • It's really exciting.

  • What was the inspiration for the song?

  • It was her.

  • I just think that we're in a time where we need to see some different representation in the higher levels of office, and I just love to see it so well, we wanna write about it.

  • We have a preview tonight.

  • Wait.

  • A little clip of this, Jim, do I think we have ah, little clip of it right now?

  • Let's give him a taste.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • 17.

  • There is not embarrassed pronouncing right, She's Come on.

  • She's bringing assassin plexiglass.

  • My big queen kick into your detail fast freaking out Don t and you know one.

  • Know where mass.

  • That's why you're my VP.

  • Ah.

  • Hey, you got me.

  • You got me.

  • You got gotta have some fun with it too, you know?

  • Joke around with it.

  • I like the look.

  • I like the look a lot.

  • Oh, yeah, yeah.

  • Nineties.

  • Now you can find the rest of Jon Batiste Camilla Song on the late shows YouTube channel.

  • Check it out.

  • And after you do that, don't forget to vote.

  • If you haven't mailed in your ballot already, we're getting kind of close.

  • If you want to find out how in your state how to drop it off in person or how to vote early or where to go on Election Day and of the questions you have in this last week before the election, better no, about dot com.

  • John, you gotta get there.

  • Come on, y'all.

  • Let's get out there, Please, People, We need you, John Baptiste, Everybody.

  • Thank you, John.

  • Yes, indeed.

  • Hmm.

  • You know, I spent a lot of time combing the news aisles of Party City, selecting the perfect top hat wearing skeleton giant, fuzzy spider and remote operating boiling cauldron to create the dazzling, perfectly crafted front yard of Halloween horrors.

  • That is my monologue.

  • But sometimes sometimes folks like toe rinse out a four quart ziploc of gravy I found in the freezer filled with raisins and leave it on the front porch with a post it note saying, Take a fistful for the half fast Halloween grab bag of news That is my segment.

  • Quarantine while quarantine while at the high end Balthasar eatery here in New York.

  • Ah, young couple who ordered an $18 bottle of wine instead got served a $2000 bottle meant for a table of businessmen.

  • The couple knew something was up one.

  • Instead of fries, they were served a side of cocaine.

  • The best part is the $18 bottle went to the businessman, but they didn't notice the difference and actually praised the purity of the cheapest wine on the list.

  • Yes, yes, I'm detecting an Okie nous, uh, some austere tannins when strong overtones of the crap I'm full of place quarantine.

  • While the pope has named American Archbishop Wilton Gregory the first African American cardinal in history, Wilton Gregory is the Jackie Robinson of the Catholic Church, in that it took 66 years for the American College of Cardinals to be is inclusive as the Cardinals quarantine while movie buffs, I hope you have your wallet ready because a Hollywood memorabilia auction is selling items including Tom Cruise, Top Gun Bomber Jacket and Julia Roberts Pretty Woman Boots and expects $5 million in sales.

  • But it's true Hollywood connoisseurs or saving our cash for the real prize.

  • The litter box used by Sir Ian McKellen during the filming of Cats Quarantine.

  • While Season two of The Man DeLorean is about to premiere, and just in time for Christmas, you'll be able to buy a remote controlled Baby Yoda toy.

  • It waddles around, and it points and you followed around the house.

  • And that's about it is the perfect gift to teach your toddler how entertaining it is to have a toddler.

  • The head turns the years wiggle, and it comes with a guarantee that your cat goes insane and disembowel is this thing like a rat in a dumpster?

  • The RC baby Yoda will retail for $70 but if that's too steep, you can always duct tape a troll doll to your Roomba quarantine.

  • While hey, remember Murder hornets?

  • Well, this weekend the first nest of murder hornets discovered in United States was destroyed.

  • Oh, good.

  • We took something with murder in its name and said, Let's make it want revenge.

  • The now destroyed nests contained an estimated 102 100 Hornets and was the size of a basketball compared to Charlotte, North Carolina, which contains 15 Hornets who can't play basketball.

  • Stephen had to be told they are not good at basketball.

  • If you still don't think this was a big deal, the crew eliminating the murder Hornets had to do it dressed as shaved Teletubbies.

  • That's a very important that they suit up after what happened the last time someone were incorrect equipment for stinging insect removal.

  • Not the best e love, my eyes, my eyes.

  • That's a true story.

  • We'll be right back with Sanjay Gupta.


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Quarantinewhile... The Remote-Controlled Baby Yoda Will Be Here By Christmas

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