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  • 24 year old Sommella said Terram Away has one guiding belief.

  • If the Amazon rainforest dies, so will her tribe, the forest told among chickens Antonius AB.

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  • She was inspired by Swedish activists Greta Tamberg on by her roots in Amazon indigenous culture.

  • She says environmental activism is just a new name for something her people have been doing for centuries.

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  • So in quantum Amazonia, my data Brazil Agency 30 away our forest people whose ancestral homelands were by the headwaters of tributaries of the Amazon.

  • Today, encroachment on the forests by farmland, miners and illegal loggers has driven hundreds of the roughly 13,000 Satyam away to move to urban areas, as Samantha's parents did before she was born.

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  • No, nothing for some in traditional Cajun bookkeeper annoys on today's this improvised So Kiss Thomas Sadegh, or Sommella, has joined Greta Hamburg's Fridays for future Movement to Save the forest.

  • She takes part in the movement and posts videos on social media to boost awareness.

  • Scientists say the Amazon, the world's largest rainforest, absorbs vast amount of carbon dioxide, and its preservation is vital to curbing climate change.

  • Sommella believes indigenous people are the best guardians of the forest because they depend on its biodiversity to survive.

  • Today, their main source of livelihood is the caffeine filled seed of the guarana fruit used for energy drinks.

  • Some Allah says the forest is under threat from Brazil's far right President, Schaeuble Sinar Oh, who's eased environmental controls on plans to develop the Amazon economically.

  • In August, fires to clear land for cattle and farming increased to a 10 year high, according to government satellite data.

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  • General Assembly last month, Bolton Aro rebutted international criticism and said the fires were started by indigenous people.

  • Does mice, blue ties, components this informal Amazonia?

24 year old Sommella said Terram Away has one guiding belief.

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