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  • This is Georgetown Capital, Guyana, a tiny South American country that sits right on the edge of that mighty Amazon jungle.

  • Located on the northern edge of South America.

  • This English speaking nation is made up off thousands of square miles off untamed rivers and dense rainforest.

  • I'm starting my journey on the coast in the capital city off Georgetown, which boasts an exciting fusion off Caribbean Indian on European cultures.

  • Now I'm here to make super talented going.

  • Chef dealt with Adams, who is responsible for putting this somewhat unknown cuisine on the culinary map.

  • Thanks both.

  • Christine would take care right.

  • This is the market where Delvin there he is, very men.

  • Ha ha ha!

  • Good to see you, brother.

  • Welcome.

  • Welcome to my country.

  • Have suit pleasure.

  • Chef Delvin Adams is determined to introduce Chinese cuisine to the world.

  • After honing his culinary skills in the remote jungle cooking for oil drillers, he returned to his home in Georgetown toe open, the backyard cafe hotspot that celebrates his country's exciting one of a kind dishes.

  • When you think about how small the reputation of going to these cuisine is on the culinary map, right?

  • Yeah, I'm hoping to find the sort of DNA of that.

  • Well, you're gonna get that.

  • So I'm gonna show you the market area.

  • I'll show you how I do it.

  • Guyana's warm and tropical climate is year round, growing an incredible variety of produce everything from your garden standards.

  • Most carry two martyrs.

  • Beautiful Chinese long beans.

  • Every household is going to use this every day to hardier root vegetables, one of which forms this starchy basis for much of the country's cuisine.

  • Gustavo, this right here is the essence of what Gan is all about, so it's like a root vegetable.

  • It's a root vegetable way.

  • Got some casual here.

  • Two very unique products made from the bitter cassava, not the sweet cassava and the bitter cassava has Sinai in it.

  • And this is why you wouldn't see that selling on the marketplace that can take a herd of elephants down unless process properly to remove the cyanide.

  • Poisoned bitter cassava can kill your finishing that inside you finish this in in our pepper pot, which is the national dish of ours.

  • Pepper pot is a meets you created by Guyana's native Amerindian People on I'm excited to try it would it be like a chicken pepper pot.

  • Lamb?

  • No.

  • Well, this here is a laba pepper pot lover.

  • So we're talking like a wild boar.

  • Like a no wild pig.

  • No, this is a big rodent.

  • Are you saying it's a rat?

  • It's a big rodent.

  • Wow.

  • Good stuff.

  • Weighing up to £26.

  • Lava is a dog size mammal that lives in the Chinese jungles.

  • Its meat is a prized delicacy.

  • It's actually quite nice.

  • Yeah, it tastes sort of almost like a little suckling pig.

  • It's actually very sweet.

  • So could you do this with a chicken or pork?

  • Does it have to be?

  • Rodent doesn't have to be rodent.

  • You could do this with chicken.

  • Pork.

  • This is our pride and joy right here.

  • Arrest this.

  • No, not the rat.

  • The pepper pot, pepper pot, pepper pot.

  • And the Kasuri.

  • That was good, by the way.

  • Really?

  • Indeed.

  • A nice little start off, you know, on inside to this guy.

  • And he's cuisine.

  • So with all of this that I've shown you yes, deep rooted with our, um, Iranian people, right?

  • The Armenians are first people, and we take pride and joy in our first people right.

  • Delvin explains that the origins of Chinese cooking lie with the Amerindian people.

  • On my mission is to head to the jungle village of Rewatch to spend a week immersing myself in their culture.

  • You're gonna get on the plane, you get in the jungle, hunt fish, and you could learn their ways.

  • And hopefully you learn a whole lot from them.

  • At the end of the week, Delvin and I will cook for the tribe's chief who will decide whether I'd come to grips with the cuisine that's existed for thousands of years.

  • Wise.

  • No pressure, no pressure.

  • Failure is not an option.

  • See you in the week.

  • But see you, buddy.

  • Thank you.

  • Yeah.

  • Want to Seymour?

  • From my uncharted adventures, please click here to watch more clips.

This is Georgetown Capital, Guyana, a tiny South American country that sits right on the edge of that mighty Amazon jungle.

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