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  • Hey, everybody, we're back with Sasha.

  • Baron Cohen.

  • I also want to talk to you about the trial of the Chicago seven, uh, Aaron Sorkin's new movie, Where You Play Abbie Hoffman.

  • You're You're well known improviser.

  • What is it like doing a movie for a director who also wrote it, who is famous for the precision of his language and being a stickler for the lines?

  • Yeah, it wasn't.

  • I did ask Aaron.

  • I did say, Why did you cast a well known improviser to say your words precisely?

  • Um and he was very, very kind, actually.

  • Aaron would always allow me Thio do one for fun afterwards where I've got his version I got.

  • Can I just do one that's a little looser that, you know, obviously none of them got in the movie, you know, his words got in, but yeah, I mean, it was it was great in that I didn't It was just easier, did it?

  • Was it hard to play?

  • Was it hard to play Abbie Hoffman, who is the kind of guy who wouldn't have cared what Aaron Sorkin said about saying the right lines because he was an improvisational protester?

  • Yes, exactly.

  • Well, he used, you know, he used these kind of clownish techniques and big stunts to try and pursue political ends.

  • I mean, he, you know, he had 10,000 people or 20,000 people try and levitate the Pentagon.

  • So he did these crazy wild things.

  • But he was really this deeply committed political activists who ultimately, um, you know, was ready to give his life and tragically died early.

  • So, yeah, I mean, you know when you're doing it for Aaron Sorkin, he's such a genius.

  • He really is a genius.

  • And he's Everyone is aware that there around the greatest screenwriter living that whatever he says everyone does.

  • I mean, a somebody tells you.

  • Okay, let's just stick to the script.

  • Just doing well.

  • Um, Sasha, thanks so much for being here.

  • Good to see you again.

  • Hey, great to see you, my friend Barb.

  • Very much happy to be here.

  • Happy to have you, Borat.

  • Subsequent movie film is available now on Amazon and the trial of the Chicago Seven is streaming on Netflix.

  • Sasha, Baron Cohen, everybody a creep and a phony.

  • We'll be right back with Jeff Tweedy.

Hey, everybody, we're back with Sasha.

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