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  • Let's look at how to avoid confusion

  • between 'me' and 'I'.

  • Now, the main difference is simple.

  • Use 'I' when you are the subject of a clause.

  • And use 'me' when you are the object

  • Now, that's easy enoughbut here is where

  • it starts to get more complicated.

  • If you've got two people, say 'Sam and me',

  • or should that be 'Sam and I'?

  • Well, this question is most important in formal

  • languagewriting rather than speaking.

  • If you're using formal language, you need

  • to think whether you are the subject or the

  • object.

  • 'Sam and I are making a video.'

  • 'Tom and I are getting coffee.'

  • 'If you've got a problem, talk to Sam or me.'

  • 'You're going to be working with me and Tom.'

  • An easy way to check is to take out the other

  • person (sorry Sam).

  • Now it should be easy to see I should say

  • 'I'm making a video', or

  • 'if you've got a problem, talk to me.'

  • So, just remember that 'you' and 'I' are subjects,

  • while the objects are 'me' and 'you'.

Let's look at how to avoid confusion

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'You and me' or 'You and I' - English In A Minute

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