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  • bring on the rhythms, turn up the volume and add some Latin flavor to the mix.

  • Thes are four of our favorite stories about taking Latin music to the next level.

  • Yeah, uh, Mikasa is homo Moselle Abierto Armando latinoamericano.

  • You got a camera?

  • A smooth Is this another of autonomy?

  • Mina Breast Alejandra Fear Aleta Moscow Mafia camo Gladys Barnetta s I collect MINUSTAH musical Latina Little off You're a Latino American with a Latina ASIO go empathy collection are viviendo nano in Panama One uh, collecting venomous musica practicamente total Those places in Latin America Mama's relevant completar loathe you clothe You know I always toe Aramis Ayala toe me There is a, uh yeah fun Macedo Leo Tomonohana Integrated collection Honesty Todo poder blow Cornell allies positive in public persona Akio on the Kabbalah Collection posted entities A story a particulary a Latino America A e o E a e Mhm.

  • Okay, this is what a typical bodega sounds like, But this bodega sounds a little different.

  • E o uh Almost every street corner in New York City has a small store with sandwiches, groceries and drinks.

  • This is a bodega.

  • So you're wonderful days.

  • Uh, one second one, though.

  • Cut.

  • Okay, Jonas, In Republican Americana meme Madonna, you're working in no time.

  • You have it born in Pezzella radio Chaos and Quadrani Knowing your radio Just so you're mad about this automatic, Um, in central radio Deejay Yoga A l, uh, froth?

  • Yeah, a Latina in Brooklyn in New York a my anger Watch out.

  • Uh uh.

  • Music A classic, uh, city Try, uh, on a radio Colombia fame mask Info Cardona solamente musica the top show in Colorado community That is New York, Uh, Patras era in Ramallah.

  • Yeah.

  • Okay, a, uh a a smooth and go home.

  • It's, uh, people sometimes here in the us think Scott bands died, but it grew in other parts of the world.

  • And then it leaked back into the Latin Scott bands that we have in l.

  • A.

  • Most people in the rest of the world don't expect Latinos in L.

  • A to listen to Scott music or even know about it.

  • But it's what we dio.

  • My name's Clementa Reese.

  • I'm a musician producer.

  • I'm most of the guy behind the biggest Scott punk events we have in l.

  • A E grew up running around in the streets of Lynwood, Compton and South Gate.

  • I got shot out a few times.

  • I got mugged a few times if I didn't have music and I didn't have Scott punk shows to go toe, I don't know where I would have been Latin Scott Punk has influences from all over the place.

  • It's a genre that collects bits and pieces of everything from Jamaican reggae too hard core to the Mexican Latin Scott.

  • It's just a clash of everything Latin Scott started popping up in L.

  • A in the mid late nineties.

  • It was in the neighborhood.

  • We had a hard time playing legitimate venues.

  • That's kind of what sparked me having to organize some of these events because no one would do it for us.

  • I think a lot of these Latino kids in the neighborhood they're attracted to Scott music.

  • The way people dance the way people dress, they just find themselves in that the rhythm really gets you going.

  • It touches a lot of people, toe a lot of these kids that go to our shows that helps them find themselves.

  • It makes them feel like they do belong to something.

  • It's a very personal connection to them.

  • What a heart!

  • Our Mario is different than most mariachis who were formed in New York City were all women.

  • Most people think of mariachis being from Mexico as being men as being macho, and, you know, we're pretty much opposite of all those things.

  • E started my musical career playing with the local all male mariachi in Brooklyn.

  • For me, it was really hard to communicate with other male mariachis because of the machismo that's very vivid and the culture in the genre of mariachi.

  • That's kind of why I wanted to start my own group, and that led for me todo old female group, because I didn't want to deal with It is not so much that people say you're not a mariachi, but it's the the fact that they think that we cannot play mariachi because we're women and we're wearing pants and we have curly hair and we don't look Mexican way don't have this look that they're expecting a za women mariachi were technically supposed to be wearing skirts and didn't work for us.

  • A.

  • It's one of the most passionate music that I've ever heard is just beautiful.

  • It's very hard felt And I think that's what makes Maria too so special.

  • It's my dream to be able to perform and connect with people through music.

  • I don't think I could ask for more.

  • You know, that's what keeps us going.

  • I think.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Thank you so much, everybody.

  • We love you.

bring on the rhythms, turn up the volume and add some Latin flavor to the mix.

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From to Mariachi to Ska Punk, This Is Latin Music Today

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