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  • this episode is brought to you by HBO.

  • Max is the witches, this Halloween, Warner Brothers Pictures and Robert Zemeckis Air bringing the big screen home with the family event of the season.

  • The Witches.

  • Premiering exclusively on HBO Max on October 22nd, it's a wickedly funny tale of a young boy who stumbles upon a secret coven of witches and must stop their evil plan of turning all the world's Children into mice.

  • Joined by filmmakers like Alfonso Carone, Guillermo del Toro and Kenya, Barris watched the witches on HBO Max at www dot HBO max dot com slash the hyphen.

  • Witches Deep in the heart of Germany's black Forest lies the ruins of Saber Wolf Castle, home to a monster of unspeakable ferocity.

  • I mean, uh, it's called saber wolf Cancel.

  • What else do you expect?

  • But that monster used to be a man.

  • Baron Conrad von Saber Wolf.

  • Once an aristocrat of wealth and status, his life would drastically change the day he discovered a secret laboratory deep within the castle's bowels.

  • He stumbled onto a treasure trove of monster hunting weapons and relics straight out of his family's secret history, including a mysterious large claw which he accidentally cut himself on upon the light of the next full moon The Baron transformed into a vampire.

  • No, a werewolf.

  • This is the werewolf episode.

  • Come on, whiz Spooky Castle in the middle of nowhere.

  • A weird, cursed artifact.

  • He's got Von in his name.

  • This is totally a vampire bag story.

  • Now, that's for next year.

  • On that night, Baron Saber Wolf became a blood thirsty beast.

  • You know, the name really screwed him from the start.

  • There almost like it was destiny well originating as early as classical antiquity.

  • The fable of men turning into wolves under a full moon is a staple of European folklore.

  • Real life victims of so called lycanthropy most likely suffered from porphyria, hyper taco sis or Rabies.

  • Sebi rampaged all over the country, killing everyone he found because as a big, hairy demon dog, being a werewolf means your strength, speed and tough Haider off the charts.

  • Oh, and it makes you grated basket Bo, with his razor sharp claws, saber wolf can easily tear through solid steel.

  • Also, anyone of his cuts can potentially passes curse to new victims.

  • But he's pretty happy using those claws to brutally rush down any foe with ah Howell to the sky Saber Wolf can amp himself up or tap into his killer instinct to enter a feral rage in the States, any sense of shame or repression is eliminated as he truly becomes a mindless monster.

  • It also increases his chip damage and allows him to cancel auto doubles into other auto.

  • Yeah, it makes him even more stronger and faster.

  • We get it.

  • And to top it off, he can summon bats that are on fire.

  • Gotta be on this.

  • Not sure where this one comes from.

  • He's a vampire in a pursuit called it.

  • Which reminds me, I've really gotta We're going that bat, be your recipe.

  • Is it better?

  • Not at all.

  • Well is like Dredd.

this episode is brought to you by HBO.

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