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  • (lobster sighing)

  • - I don't know what to do.

  • It's so nice out.

  • Should I go on a nature hike or eat

  • and play at a backyard barbecue?

  • Huh?

  • - Oh Elmo knows how to decide.

  • - [Both] You do?

  • - Well maybe, we can decide with a rap battle!

  • (exciting music)

  • - Hey why didn't I think of that?

  • Let's me, (hiccups) hey Elmo and Abby.

  • Why don't you introduce everyone?

  • - Really?

  • Okay, telling us everything to like

  • when you go on a hike, it's hiking boot.

  • - Everyone would want to take a hike after my rap.

  • - And to tell us everything to do

  • at a backyard barbecue, it's Hamburger.

  • - Fire up the grill, it's party time.

  • - Come on, let's take a hike with hiking boot.

  • (crowd cheering) (upbeat music)

  • Yo yo, put on my sunglasses

  • Put on my shirt going on a nature hike

  • Time to play in the dirt

  • See the bugs and caterpillars crawling around

  • And you can listen with your ears

  • You can hear the sounds

  • Put on some sunscreen to protect your skin

  • And watch all the trees blow in the wind

  • And if you feel sad our you feel stressed

  • Take a deep breath, smell the air is fresh

  • Drink lots and lots of water, please don't forget

  • you don't have to walk alone

  • You can take your pet

  • And if you get tired it's no surprise

  • Because going for a hike is good exercise

  • Work it out now, if you like in the city

  • Or you live in a town, just go for a hike

  • And move your body around

  • Get right, and take a hike, yeah

  • (crowd cheering and applauding)

  • - Nature hike sound amazing.

  • - Oh, don't pick yet, DJ Lobster.

  • Let's hear from Hamburger.

  • That's your cue, tell us about backyard barbecue.

  • (crowd cheering and applauding)

  • Let's have fun, let's make a meal

  • Let's get some food put it on a grill

  • You can make a cheeseburger, Oh, it's not a joke

  • Or put your chip in a dip made of artichokes

  • We can play freeze tag or some hopscotch

  • Have a race with your friends use a stop watch

  • and if it's real hot you can go swimming in the pool

  • But keep an umbrella so you can stay cool

  • Whoa whoa whoa

  • We're gonna have a blast

  • Whoa whoa whoa let's make a big splash

  • Whoa whoa whoa

  • Give your parents a call

  • To put up the net and play some volleyball

  • Have a slice of watermelon if you want dessert

  • And when the night comes you can see the fireworks

  • But no matter where you go, no matter what you doing

  • Everything's better when you're backyard barbecuing

  • (crowd cheering and applauding)

  • - Okay, DJ Lobster, are you going to take a nature hike

  • or have a backyard barbecue?

  • - I think it's time for a backyard barbecue.

  • (crowd cheering and applauding)

  • - Yeah.

  • - Yeah.

  • - Looks like I'm getting the boot.

  • - No way, there's enough food and fun for every one.

  • Come on.

  • (crowd cheering and applauding)

(lobster sighing)

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Sesame Street: BBQ vs Hike feat. Lyric Jones & Phonte Coleman | Fun in the Sun Rap Battle #1

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