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  • hello, this is Elliott from ETJ and today I'm going to be talking

  • to you about some things which you can say in a restaurant. I've been spending

  • some time in Thailand, as some of you may know. And I've been eating in restaurants

  • every day, three times a day, because the food is very cheap here and there's

  • definitely some good grammar which you can practice for any situation you might

  • have in a restaurant

  • So first of all we're going to start with with booking a table:

  • usually we will phone up; or give the restaurant a call on our phones to ask

  • whether they have any tables available for the evening or whatever time is we

  • want to go

  • and this is obviously to avoid disappointment in case there's no tables

  • available when you turn up at the restaurant

  • so for booking a table, obviously the the person in the restaurant will answer

  • the phone and usually a good thing to ask

  • first of all is "Hi I would like to make a booking" or "I would like to book a

  • table for 8pm" and then they will usually check in their book obviously

  • and see whether there's any tables available

  • they might ask you how many people is the table for so you could say "a table

  • for two please"

  • or however many people you're going with if you're on your own

  • you can say "it's just me" so now you've booked your table and it's come to the

  • evening when you're going to your restaurant

  • so now it there's some important vocabulary and grammar which you can use

  • in the restaurant

  • it can be quite hard if you can't speak the same language as the person who is

  • serving you

  • because it just makes life a lot easier if you can speak the same language

  • so first of all some good questions are

  • "can I see the menu please?" which just means can I have a look at the menu and

  • see what's in the list of food that you have you can also ask if you can see the

  • wine list you can say "can I see the wine list please?"

  • if you fancy having a glass of wine with your meal

  • another one is "what is the dish of the day?" a lot of restaurants have a a dish

  • of the day which is a special that they've put on for that particular day

  • sometimes I like to ask the waiter or waitress

  • "what do you recommend?" and this is just to see what they think is good on the

  • menu

  • they should have tried it if they if they they're serving you in this

  • restaurant so you can ask them what do you recommend

  • and then they will obviously tell you something from the menu which they enjoy

  • and now it can be a bit complicated

  • if you have allergies if you're allergic to something a lot of people are

  • allergic to nuts

  • so sometimes it's quite good to ask

  • well it's really good to ask if the certain dish that you want to order has

  • any nuts in it or has whatever it is that you're allergic to

  • so you would say "does it have nuts in it?" or you could just say "I'm allergic to

  • nuts" and you know some people are allergic to some very strange things so

  • make sure you know what those words are in English as well because that that's

  • quite important and the other thing is the people those of you who eat

  • vegetables only you don't eat meat

  • you obviously a vegetarian so sometimes it's good to say "what are the vegetarian

  • options?" or "I'm a vegetarian" and then hopefully they will point you in the

  • right direction

  • ordering the food is very simple so you can just simply say "can I have the pasta?"

  • or you could say "i would like the pasta" always remember to kind of follow up

  • with please and thank you

  • just because in England especially and a lot of similar countries we do

  • take manners quite seriously and finally when you finish your meal

  • and it comes to leaving

  • obviously you have to pay so the next thing to say is

  • "can I have the bill please?" or "can i pay

  • please?" it's as simple as that and then they will bring it to you

  • it's up to you what happens from there you can try and have a conversation with

  • them if you want to practice your English it might be quite good I think

  • restaurants are a great place to practice English because and a lot of

  • waiters and waitresses like to have conversations with the people that

  • they're serving so it is a great way to practice your English because you can

  • just start some small talk

  • you can see one of my previous videos on small talk to find the link in the video

  • somewhere and you can watch that one about some ideas of what you can ask

  • people to start a small talk conversation anyway that's pretty much

  • everything that you need to know for ordering food in a restaurant booking a

  • table in a restaurant and finally paying the bill in a restaurant

  • I hope you found this useful and hopefully you can put this into a good

  • practice soon

  • thank you very much for watching and I'll see you in the next video

hello, this is Elliott from ETJ and today I'm going to be talking

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English Speaking Lesson: Restaurant Phrases

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