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  • She was at the Cannes Film Festival for this publicity shoot

  • in Monaco and that morning found that there was an electricity

  • strike at the hotel so everything she had was wrinkled. She couldn't

  • dry her hair so it helped her style to sort of pull her hair back and stick

  • some flowers in it and the only dress that was unwrinkled was what one of

  • her bridesmaids, jokingly referred to it as the dreadful taffeta dress.

  • This is very different then her usual simple style...

  • she had posed on the cover of McCaul's Spring pattern book.

  • So, there was these large floral and sort of very decorative...

  • not her usual typical style at all.

  • She wore that for this film shoot.

  • And, then when her engagement was announced about seven months later,

  • of course the first meeting became so famous then those photos were used

  • everywhere and so there was a lot of talk in the newspapers and so forth,

  • that any girl who wanted to catch her own Prince, could buy five yards

  • of material and go sew this thing and catch her own Prince.

  • Certainly it was a very different dress then her typical style,

  • which is somewhat ironic.

  • I think what's interesting about that dress is when you,

  • look at it on the mannequin, it's really rather unattractive,

  • but you see it on her and because she had...

  • Grace was such a perfect name to give her. She had that incredible

  • grace and elegance. She made something cheap and very accessible look dreamy

  • and elitist. I keep thinking about what

  • Grace Kelly would wear today? Would she be that woman who would

  • go to Zara and buy something or J Crew?

  • I mean, it actually struck me today when I looked at it like Erdem.

  • Yea, it's very Erdem.

  • The floral.

  • I think that something really charming about that dress is

  • the flowers and you know, she really loved flowers,

  • and did these floral...what do you call them?

  • The collages.

  • And, there's this great story about when she was going to the Oscars.

  • I mean she really ran out of her house to go to that ceremony,

  • and was just like whatever, let's get it over with

  • and they stopped. Edith Head was her date, they went into the theater,

  • and they stopped in front of this urn of yellow roses and she just picked a

  • yellow rose bud out of the vase and put it in her chignon, and

  • suddenly it's a fashion statement. Then again, you see her wearing

  • this floral dress, so there is a continuity there.

She was at the Cannes Film Festival for this publicity shoot

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