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  • good afternoon and good afternoon guys greetings from Seoul South Korea we've

  • got a couple of cool things to be doing this afternoon first we're going to the

  • War Memorial of Korea (전쟁기념관) Museum we're gonna learn about the history of the Korean

  • War along with some other exhibits related to Korean military technology

  • and then we're going to have korean buddhist temple food and that's gonna be

  • quite an experience i think it's gonna be mostly vegetarian should be really

  • fun we'll be hungry by the time we finished exploring this museum but first

  • let's go check it out so over here this is my favorite section of the museum you

  • have vintage cars you have old military technology that dates back to various

  • wars there's some USSR equipment for me the most impressive feature of this

  • exhibit is just how close you can get up to the different items that they have

  • here on display for instance the old planes the old tanks especially the old

  • tank is just gigantic i can't believe how big it is here are some of the

  • weapons and artillery used during the korean war so in terms of participants

  • from the US there was one million seven hundred and eighty nine thousand 36,000

  • were killed in action and 92 thousand wounded

  • there's also mention of the korean peacekeeping operations that the

  • Republic of Korea is actively participating in these days so David

  • what do you think of this so far I love it it's really cool and besides showing

  • you the uniforms it also tells you you know how many people participated from

  • each country yeah as he said before almost 1.8 million from the US and

  • besides that it also shows you you know the uniforms the shoes some of the

  • weaponry they used over there we have some huge machine guns we have

  • rocket launchers yeah it's really cool what I can say this museum is try thing

  • like we literally have just a couple more minutes before it closes but I

  • could easily spend like half a day here yeah I mean this define this nation so

  • guys we're going to a place called Balwoo Gongyang (발우공양) and in his Korean monastic

  • food and it's inside here at the fifth floor so let's go check it out all right

  • so the appetizer course has arrived here at the restaurant we're starting off

  • with three different dishes of various sizes over on the left it appears we

  • have a rice porridge there may be some seaweed over here we have something that

  • looks a bit like a kimchi soup and then we think this could you thought beetroot

  • yeah I'm thinking it's either a beetroot or a date kind of like both kind of a

  • rice to a giant cherry yeah it'll be interesting because there was no

  • explanation and I just finished doing an interview so I have no idea what I'm

  • having here so I'm just gonna try a bit of this hmm

  • that is actually cold I thought it was gonna be warm porridge it tastes like

  • eating this rice and seaweed it's tastings all right moving on let's

  • try the cabbage soup yeah that's definitely given to say a strong kimchi

  • taste let's try this over them oh wow that is has a nice soft texture actually

  • it has more of a plum lik consistency it's not yeah this is not what we

  • thought it was it's not be root and it's not thought it's a taste a bit like a

  • lychee that's very good so all of these are really interesting

  • I believe visitors appetizer course if you come Oh cucumber kimchi and

  • me that we have it's a mungbean jelly made of wheat starch and finally

  • the spring green salad soy sauce and vinegar so the next course

  • has survived and I'm gonna start off with the bean curd porridge and it has a

  • very liquidy consistency try that birth eve ground sesame turn it a little bit I

  • actually really like this once more again yeah mom now let's use the next

  • board I really like that one it's really creamy now I'm gonna move on other

  • dishes here so we have pickled cucumber over here and then we have mung bean

  • jelly with lotus root and a solid with I think it's sesame seed dressing leafy

  • greens guy is that really more earthy than I was expecting

  • very strong flavor a little bit minty - yeah I'm not my favorite so far I'm

  • liking the porridge the most and last but not least let's grab the mung bean

  • jelly like it just jiggles in those chopsticks Wow has a really soft texture

  • it's almost flavorless does it really taste like much

  • so we're moving on yet another course that is very exciting so over here both

  • have a suit it has fermented soybeans smells so much like a strong potency so

  • and then here we have also mushrooms as well here we've got sticky rice wrapped

  • inside and then we have five different bond chives five different side dishes

  • including two different kinds of kimchi some greens I'm going to start the

  • overall dish meal was a real experience many different courses so many different

  • kinds of vegetables some more bland than others overall limited spices limited

  • salt there's also no onion or garlic used so overall the I would describe the

  • meal is is simple but also very elegant a lot of detail in terms of the

  • presentation and appearance and so yeah if you're in Seoul and you're looking

  • for a unique kind of dining experience you consider this for sure

  • all right what an afternoon man whoa it's been an action-packed day we went

  • to the Korean War Museum which was fascinating well threadable

  • lots of really interesting exhibits I mean wish I had a little bit more time

  • to explore there but yeah it was still very much worth it then we had a

  • fantastic meal in terms of Korean food it wasn't the most labor flavorful or

  • you know when you think of Korean food I think of like intense spices yeah wasn't

  • spicy at all but so much attention to detail in the presentation and we are

  • ending off things here in Seoul tomorrow we're going to Busan Busan so the

  • adventure continues in Korea we'll see you guys there and if you enjoyed the

  • video give it a thumbs up leave us a comment subscribe to both of our

  • channels David's been here Samuel and Audrey we'll see you soon from Korea

  • you

good afternoon and good afternoon guys greetings from Seoul South Korea we've

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Eating Korean Vegetarian Food - 3 Course Buddhist Meal in Seoul, Korea

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