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  • meet Professor Mill.

  • Hi, I'm Mel Rosenberg and I fix bad breath.

  • Mill is a smart man.

  • He's a microbiology professor at Tel Aviv University who 30 years ago wanted to fix a problem.

  • Everybody has, but nobody could fix bad breath.

  • After smelling 10 0 people's Breath on after 30 years of research, he came up with a conclusion that it's possible to fix bad breath.

  • So he went to his lab, played around with bacteria and came up with a unique invention that magically solves the problem.

  • Mexican, You shake, you guard, go and spit.

  • That's it.

  • His academic invention became a worldwide hit, and it's sold in the million's now tens of millions air using my invention, this'd is the guy.

  • That's the reason your friends don't have bad breath, and if they still do, then they need to talk to Professor.

  • No, that's one minute.

meet Professor Mill.

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