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  • Britain's first mainly black, Asian and ethnically diverse orchestras.

  • Court Unique has tonight performed the world premiere off work inspired by a black demonstrator who came to the aid off white protester during a black lives matter protest earlier this year.

  • On the image off Patrick Hutchinson's act of kindness outside the Royal Festival Hall in London.

  • Went viral on social media are arts editor Will Gumpert went to the dress rehearsal.

  • Yeah, I'll stare at this image numerous times My eyelids will pull and plead to blink to quell this heat.

  • Slowly rising, it takes you somewhere.

  • It allows you time to breathe.

  • It allows some truth to come out like the same programs every festive season.

  • This is remnants, a new piece of music and poetry watched for the first time by Patrick Hutchinson, the man who inspired it for the action he took in June when he carried a counter protester to safety from a black lives matter demonstration in London.

  • Can you relate what happened here with what you've just heard in there?

  • Yes, I can, with the combination of the spoken word with the powerful music 100% on the day if you were there amongst the Malay.

  • It was hectic.

  • It was a lot of confusion.

  • There was a lot.

  • There was a mixture of off love and hate because there were people trying to protect him.

  • And there were also people who wanted harm to come to him.

  • And you know that residents Really Ah, lot with what happened inside there.

  • I felt I really felt the history of black composers in what we call classical music has really been for gotten.

  • But I think there is a real hunger in this industry to kind of right that wrong and to also welcome everybody, um, into the world of classical music.

  • I had this thistle hairs went up on the back of my neck because I knew this was a piece to be reckoned with.

  • Its got such dynamism and such angst and passion in it that it just took flight.

  • I knew we were in for something very magical on very special.

  • Our love for the joy off the heroes, Children remnants is not so much a celebration of an act of kindness.

  • Maurin invitation to ask the questions that arise from it about representation, social anxiety and equality.

  • It is very much off and about the world today.

Britain's first mainly black, Asian and ethnically diverse orchestras.

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