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  • Simple Show Foundation introduces the political spectrum.

  • Meet Paul and Lena.

  • They both care deeply about their community on Want to ensure a brighter future for it.

  • However, Paul and Lena disagree about the best way to remedy the social and economic problems on argument sooner ups, and they start calling each other names left wing and right wing, for starters on just before a simultaneous rage, quit Kami and Nazi.

  • That escalated quickly.

  • What dual these words even mean on?

  • Is there any way that Paul and Dina could work together?

  • To answer these questions?

  • We need to understand the political spectrum.

  • The first dimension of the spectrum is from left to right.

  • This describes how much the government should be involved in the economy should the government run schools, hospitals and redistribute wealth at the far left, all private property is abolished and resources are communally owned.

  • Or should there be smaller governmental influence, less taxes, regulations and restrictions on the extreme right, we find totally free market capitalism.

  • The vertical axis of the spectrum deals with social dimension.

  • As you move towards the bottom, the rights and freedoms of the individual become more and more important at its most extreme.

  • We find anarchists, while at the top of the graph, people believe in group rights over individuals.

  • At the very top, we find totalitarian regimes, Communists on the left, on Nazis on the right.

  • Of course, most people's political opinions are not at any of the extremes of either the social or economic dimensions.

  • This graph is a two divisional spectrum, which means that individuals could be positioned anywhere inside it.

  • When Paul's and leaders political beliefs are plotted on the spectrum, they see that although they have some very different ideas about the economy, they are both firmly in the bottom half, which means they respect each other's individual rights, like freedom of speech on are opposed to totalitarian ideologies like communism and Nazism.

  • Paul and Lena are delighted seeing how much they have in common helps them have more productive conversations on.

  • They discover that their different perspectives are useful in coming up with diverse solutions to the problems facing their community.

Simple Show Foundation introduces the political spectrum.

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