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  • hi.

  • Over the past few months, I got a lot of criticism for being a bad Muslim.

  • When I showed you the gay capital of the world, Castro in San Francisco, I was called a bad Muslim.

  • When I showed you alcohol in my videos, I was called a bad Muslim When I showed you how prostitution is legal in Senegal, I was called a bad Muslim when I drank when I did it when I traveled, I was told not to.

  • If it isn't obvious by now, I'm not a religious Muslim, but I'm also not a bad one.

  • I don't force my beliefs on people.

  • I don't a press freedoms or ideas.

  • A good Muslim, Christian or Jew or atheist is someone that keeps religion to themselves and appreciates the world for what it is.

  • You change the world by leading by example, not by wagging your finger at everyone who disagrees with you.

  • We are not bad or good way are just trying to live and let live.

  • That's one minute.


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