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  • (2 weeks earlier)

  • Glad you can make it to the holiday party.

  • Thanks, you are my third favorite.

  • -Let me get you another hot chocolate. -Thanks.

  • Merry Christmas, Nathan.

  • Thanks, Ted.

  • Oh! at that...

  • That's..that'

  • Do you like it?

  • it?

  • It's a scarf!

  • You don't sound like you like it.

  • No, I'm just speechless...

  • From...the all...of its beauty...

  • You're just saying that 'cuase you're just gonna exchange it for something else later,aren't you?

  • No no no...I am...

  • ...wearing this bad boy right now

  • I love it, I wouldn't exchange this.

  • Great! Then I guess we won't be needed this gift receipt then.

  • Hmm Hmm Hmm...♫

  • Nathan, if you plan on exchanging that gift.

  • You can not let Ted know, ever.

  • What?

  • Don't look, just listen.

  • He takes it very personaly if you exchange his gifts.

  • He goes crazy.

  • What do you mean crazy?

  • Do you remember that time I broke my arm snowboarding?

  • It wasn't from snowboarding.

  • Oh my god...

  • Remember that one time I broke my leg mountain biking?

  • That was Ted, too?

  • No, I actually fell off my bike.

  • But afterwards, I got a cast, and he signed it..."Karma"

  • With a smiley face..

  • ..Hey

  • Hey Nathan, what are you doing?

  • I am...

  • ...having lunch with my mom

  • Really? Having lunch?

  • Hi..

  • Are you...exchanging my present?

  • No! No! Why would I do that..

  • Then why are you here?

  • it so much...

  • ..that I wanted to

  • -Really? -Hmm..Un hun..

  • I'm..having..lunch with a bit

  • Great! I'll help you find them.

  • No! no.. I don't wanna waste your time.

  • I'm be a

  • They are right here, there you go.

  • ...Thanks

  • Ted, good seeing you..

  • Um..thanks for the help.

  • No problem,I'll see you later.

  • Hi!I would actually like to return both of this.

  • Nathan?

  • Ted.....

  • What are you doing here??

  • I saw you go back to the store, I thought something was wrong.

  • No!, I just wanted to get a gift receipt for the new one. You know, just in case.

  • Oh you don't need one, trust me.

  • This one is a keeper.

  • Yeah, it is.

  • are so right

  • Alright, thanks again, Ted.

  • Say hello to your mom for me.

  • Alright.

  • AHHHHHHH....

  • NO! NO! NO!

  • Hey!

  • Wow, I guess you like those scarves.

  • They were gifts.

  • They are literally the ugliest scarves I've ever seen in my life.

  • I mean, I hope you guys got a gift receipt for that. So you could exchange for something better.

  • What?

  • They are hideous! I mean, I can't believe someone actually pay money for that.

  • (Gift Deceit)

  • Subtitles by WTF

(2 weeks earlier)

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