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  • the top five.

  • Listen, this one was hard.

  • It could have been Tampa Bay.

  • You could have went Green Bay.

  • There was maybe the Baltimore Ravens.

  • But I'm going with the Chicago Bears, and I know that this is crazy, but the monsters of the midway are back.

  • Listen, you got Khalil Mack right now.

  • He's bending the edge as sharp as my Barbara A.

  • J hit this lineup yesterday, and then you look on the back end.

  • Kyle Fuller playing at All Pro level on the other side, Jaylin Johnson is a monster as a rookie, and you know who's playing quarterback.

  • I like to call Nick Foles J.

  • R.

  • Smith, because sometimes he's bad and he could lose you a game.

  • Forget that there's only a second left when he gets the rebound.

  • But if he gets streaky, if he gets hot, he can win you a championship.

  • And so you might see a shirtless Nick Foles at a Chicago Super Bowl.

  • Great, because they are number five.

  • And that number four The Tennessee Titans, The Tennessee Titans air so good.

  • Ryan Tannehill has played so well that now Dan Orlovsky has to date Carson Wentz and Ryan Tannehill on separate days just to keep up going on the show.

  • That's how well Ryan Tannehill Let's play.

  • Derrick Henry is a monster running over.

  • People left it right.

  • You wanna talk about putting cheese on the taco?

  • Josh Norman has been cheese on everybody's taco since last Thursday.

  • That's how bad it was.

  • And this defense is being are opportunistic.

  • Mike Vrabel understands how to make a team play under the structure he wants him to play, and they gotta face my number three team this week, and it's the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • Ben Roethlisberger is playing at a high level.

  • They got a guy named Chase Claypool.

  • He is like Megatron.

  • If you gave him longer hair and you kept him inside of little bit, so he didn't get quite this hand on the other side.

  • They lost Devin Busch, but TJ Watt is a flat out baller, but Dupri is a flat out baller.

  • Mika Fitzpatrick comes up, makes a play last week, but this team starts and ends with Mike Tomlin.

  • The standard is the standard.

  • Those things will never change.

  • The next man is up.

  • Those thing things will never change.

  • And the fact that he's a top five coach in this league in the Hall of Famer will not change either.

  • Number two is the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • I mean, what can I say?

  • This is the team that had everything they needed and they went out and they got more.

  • This team is so good that the threat of Levian Bell being on the team made Clyde Edwards the layer go rushed for 1 60 against the Buffalo Bills.

  • Keep Josh Allen contained one hand interceptions by Dirty Dan.

  • Source him and one of the best leaders in football on the defense, entire.

  • And Matthew, This team is elite.

  • We understand what they could do in the playoffs.

  • And as long as you have Patrick Mahomes, you have a chance.

  • And at number one the A B list.

  • See Adam Seahawks.

  • Listen, this team got better, and they didn't even play this week.

  • And I know Bart says, Hey, it's all about winning a championship.

  • They'll ship you off after they ain't gonna put no cheese on your taco.

  • Maybe they like burritos, Bart.

  • Maybe they eat other things.

  • You don't always have to put cheese on the taco.

  • Some people like Junior whoppers.

  • And you know, what about this quarterback?

  • He has huge hands.

  • He could eat regular whoppers.

  • He can eat burgers with eggs on them, cheese and really bacon.

  • Not turkey bacon, because you all know how I feel about Turkey.

  • Bacon.

  • He gets the rial pig because he's the real deal.

  • The M V P and Russell Wilson said that Number one and we're going to see them this Sunday night.

  • Ryan Clark with the Power five.

  • He's got the Bears on the back end.

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the top five.

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Ryan Clark’s Week 7 NFL Power Rankings: The Bears crack the Top 5 | Get Up

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