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  • Today we are in minakami  in gunma, located on the banks of Tone River

  • surrounded by mountains that  offer amazing views throughout the seasons  

  • minakami is a haven of outdoor sports activities   

  • traditional crafts delicious food and onsen 

  • the rich resources of geothermal water led to its name water shangri-la

  • but the main reason i came  to minakomi is glamping

  • that was a long ride

  • so i'm here but i still have some time before  the stuff from the oasis comes to pick me up

  • why don't we go and explore the areas nearby

  • i decided to stop by takumino sato where you can explore and try out different traditional arts and crafts

  • i went to a place called Shiki-no-ie that i found as i was walking around  

  • near the fields. Here i was welcomed by the owner honda son and his helper richiko-san

  • Shiki-no-ie, or the home of four seasons

  • was a restaurant and soba making workshop in a 300 years old building

  • the interior was extremely cozy  and made me feel like i traveled back in time  

  • what's more the company was even better  and people there made me feel like at home

  • after the sobe making lesson i was  ready to eat the result of my hard work

  • without realizing three hours passed by as  we were just chatting and enjoying our tea  

  • i was really happy i could spend my time here now it was time for me to go glamping  

  • Glamping is becoming more and more popular in japan 

  • i was lucky enough i found myself a place in  

  • gunmas canyons riverside oasis nestled near the yubiso river

  • there are three types of tents you  can choose from

  • bell tent safari tent and  waterfront tent i went with the waterfront  tent

  • The greatest advantage of glamping is  that you get to do all the fun things that  

  • traditional camping offers like barbecuing in the evening spending time in nature  

  • sleeping in an actual tent without having to give up on comfort such as running water or comfy bed

  • wow well it is a tent maybe i was imagining too much of a living room kind of a style but i mean  

  • in reality it is an actual tent the air smells like forest and you hear the river from the  

  • outside and it's just like you're right in the middle of it but then you have a bed to lay on  

  • which is kind of cool really really liking thiswas kind of concerned that this place wouldn't be  

  • campy enough i was kind of imagining more like a wooden building it totally feels like camping  

  • what else do we have? this isblanket there's also a towel ,two cups

  • oh it's filled with water ah super cold andpicture

  • after taking a short walk in the area

  • it was time for my barbecue dinner that was included  in the price

  • i also ordered a night barbecue for one

  • so i got my meat here i got my yakisoba and now it's just ready to be grilled

  • okay

  • look at that beauty

  • sauce ulla. Ulla Yakisoba.

  • after the filling dinner it  was time to get ready for bed  

  • bathrooms here were super nice and  clean and provided everything needed

  • i slept like a baby

  • it was extremely extremely cold so i actually put on my regular clothes  

  • so now i'm fully dressed already i grabbed another extra blanket because it was really really cold so  

  • it took me some time to fall asleep so definitely definitely bring warm clothes

  • i was totally not  prepared for that but then once i fell asleep it was like magic

  • river is quite loud and especially  

  • when you're inside the tent like you really  concentrate on the sound so i was worried that  

  • like maybe i'm not gonna be able to fall asleep to that but i couldn't hear anything bodily functions  

  • just slowed down i feel refreshed

  • i might not look refreshed but i actually feel refreshed wow

  • despite the fact that i was clearly unprepared for the night temperature drop i still enjoy  

  • the glamping experience a lot as it really  allows one to disconnect from all the city  

  • rush while still providing amenities that  make your stay comfortable

  • i'm really glad  

  • i could meet many wonderful people and see these beautiful places i will always gladly come back

Today we are in minakami  in gunma, located on the banks of Tone River

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Glamping in Gunma Convenient Camping in the Japanese Countryside

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    Summer posted on 2020/10/24
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