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  • uh it's past midnight and i'm hungry

  • welcome to only in japan my name is luca  nicora and i will be your host for this episode  

  • tonight we'll be talking about convenience  stores a trademark of modern japanese life  

  • the most famous ones are 711 lawson and family mart what makes convenience stores or  

  • konbini so convenient is not only that  they are at basically every corner here in Japan

  • but also that they are open 24 7. let's  check them out

  • party at sosuke all right on my way

  • Conivis have a variety of selection of  snacks and fun stuff for the whole family  

  • kind of a mix between moses and thor

  • they have frozen veggies fruits  already made dishes and ice cream

  • they also have all kinds of  alcohol such as wine liquor beers  

  • and one of the most popular mixed drink ,the high ball it's also called whiskey and soda  

  • here convenience stores such as  7-eleven don't only have snacks  

  • but also fresh food like sandwiches bento  boxes and oh delicious pastries 

  • You can find pancakes at all convenience stores but the ones at 7-eleven are the best

  • you got a long day ahead or work all  night ,get freshly brewed coffee for cheap  

  • you can also find hot cans and bottles of  coffee and tea

  • you had too much coffee and  

  • need to use the bathroom they have  clean bathrooms in most convenience

  • and they don't even expect you  to buy anything to use them

  • wow so clean  

  • for travelers they have all kinds of items

  • shaving cream, sunscreen, makeup toothbrushes you name it

  • SHARP i'm not sure what a sharp  toothbrush is but it's got to be good  

  • if you forgot your mask find them here

  • wearing a mask is widely accepted in japan since  

  • every winter most people wear them to  avoid the spread of the regular cold  

  • talking about the flu they have basic  drugs vitamins fruit juices teas even  

  • hot water for your cup noodles

  • yep plenty of those too everything you need to get better  

  • another cool thing is that a lot of products have their names in english to help you

  • figure   out what you're buying if you didn't get it from the picture or the clear packaging  

  • and if they don't have the english translation and you don't have wi-fi connection  

  • connect to their free wi-fi and use your  google translate app to check what it is  

  • ah cream puff exactly what i was looking for

  • you owe your friend sosuke some money from last night's bender at a local izakaya where they  

  • didn't take cards well you'll find atms at every convenience and they take all major credit cards  

  • if you missed the last train to get back  home because sosuke's party was such a hit  

  • you can grab some food and a drink and sit here to chill and and engulf you're onigiri like me

  • other fun stuff you can do here is buy  event tickets. Well not really in 2020.  

  • you can print fax pay bills send packages  recharge your paid phones and practice  

  • counting your change with the help ofkind cashier

  • or just practice your japanese

  • pretty impressive huh

  • in japan convenience  stores have really raised the bar to its paroxysm

  • paroxysm peroxisome what huh paroxysm peroxysm

  • It's the PEAK it's an intelligent word that i can't spell

  • in japan convenience stores have  really raised the bar to its peak  

  • but i like peroxysm

  • SO say peroxysm And then also put text that says  peroxysm

  • paroxysm means peak

  • i think i'm just  going to keep this whole interaction  

  • yeah good good this is perfect  say peroxysm again

  • perixism again

  • hey thanks for watching remember to hit the like button and subscribe for more  

  • and let me know in the comments uh what you like to know that's only in japan matane

  • What's paroxysm?

  • when you have two pairs of scissors NO! what? no!

uh it's past midnight and i'm hungry

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