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  • I want to do that for me.

  • Hong Kong is a modern metropolis, but Ancient believes from Chinese folk religion permit every aspect off people's daily lives.

  • They are a part of the city's cultural identity concepts like destiny and karma.

  • A deep rooted people pay function consultants thousands of dollars to balance the different energies at home and create a harmonious environment for good luck.

  • Even calendars here will tell you the lucky hours of the day, and fortune tellers like 71 year old Mr Lamb are popular with locals, especially young people who yearned for reassurance in a world of uncertainty.

  • Every night for over three decades, Mr Lamb has set up a stall on a street full of fortune tellers.

  • But this normally busy block now falls quiet.

  • Theseus Ayer's rely on tourists and locals alike for business, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, Hong Kong has bad tourists since late March.

  • What it seems like right now, E A.

  • Because I'm gonna die or you have a good time with world off Chinese divination.

  • There are many methods to decipher the future.

  • Street fortunetellers tend to focus on a popular few.

  • This is grace another fortune teller on their street.

  • E o.

  • Okay.

  • What literally means eight words.

  • Each person has their own set of parts based on their date and time of birth is believed to form the blueprint off one's personality, relationships and destiny way.

  • The roots of Chinese fortune telling can be traced back to one of the oldest books in China.

  • The eating Ah, Book of changes.

  • The 3000 year old divination book lays out different variations off a set off symbols.

  • These symbols are state to represent a universe.

  • While many street fortune tellers say that eating forms the foundation of your work, others argue that a deviate widely from the text and only borrow lightly from it.

  • ST.

  • Fortune tellers like Mr Lahm also claimed he cannot predict everything from Yeah, I don't know.

  • Uh, yeah.

  • Okay.

  • E o comply them.


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