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  • Yeah.

  • Wow!

  • Wow.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my arena where there's no rules, no research.

  • Oh, we're bloodshed.

  • I am ringmaster.

  • You're or most extraordinary for this extravaganza.

  • And let me welcome you way to mechanical Morphin Motorized flying machines.

  • In one atmosphere, we have the transforming, multi faceted, shocking animal transporter or where and from a galaxy far, far away.

  • And we have the death star killing tie fighter exploding.

  • One laser shooting irks.

  • Now let's take a peek at what these two fighters can do.

  • Get it like a jet, not whatever.

  • So, basically, you're minding your own business, which is wrecking your opponent.

  • It smashed 64 pile, driving them into this big old transport ship and then a freaking our wing smoke dinner.

  • Give me your dad and, like, 30 freaking percent.

  • When it's not hazing, hand a hand combatants.

  • It breaks out the shield, smart bombs, barrel rolls and so many transformations.

  • Spacecraft tank Next Walker thing.

  • I mean, there's a reason the Starbucks crew stick with their trusty all in one air space and land combat vehicle.

  • But let's not neglect the X wing, shall we?

  • Because that's how you get this familiar episode now Imagine being an evil space lizard with a technological terror that can stash planets like big pong balls.

  • Suddenly, this pip squeak fighters IPs in locks s foils in attack position and fires an explosive straight up your oscillator uninvited.

  • The X wing has gone through several model upgrades.

  • And not only is it got a sweet new coat of paint, but it can carry eight plugging torpedoes for even more proton pack.

  • Pau.

  • So will we see some awesome aerial dog fighting from a fox?

  • Someone have a bad feeling about this?

  • I sure don't.

  • So, without further ado, let the exhibition.

  • Yeah, Thanks.

  • Three.

  • Yeah.

  • All right.


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