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Hey youtubers it’s Charlie, this is going to be a breakdown of the trailer and I’ve
also got some news about the villains in X-Men Apocalypse. Besides the obvious one. This
is also going to be my bonus Marvel video this week.
If you’re just now finding me I do bonus Marvel videos every Tuesday, be sure to subscribe
to get everything and leave me suggestion for future bonus Marvel vids to do in the
In case you didn’t know, It’s coming May 23 in the US and May 22nd in the UK. So pretty
much all of us will get to see it at the same time.
Let’s get going, I’m really just going to focus on the new stuff in the trailer,
but since I haven’t done an X-Men video since the first trailer, that’s a lot.
So right off the bat they’re dropping the Time Travel bomb. They’d implied this was
happening in all the trailers, Wolverine being sent back to rally Professor X and the X-Men
against Bolivar Trask.
The voice over explains why the Sentinels are bad for everyone and we get a better look
at their ships. We saw that preview clip from the mtv movie awards where they were dropping
out of them into battle. They remind me a lot of the way the Chitauri living ships functioned
in Avengers, just like troop ships.
I’m really curious to see how they explain both versions of Professor X talking to each
other psychically across time. It’s an awesome visual, but it’s going to have to jump through
a few logic hoops based on mutant abilities in the future.
We see Wolverine going around and grabbing Beast, who for some reason isn’t full on
Blue, unless he’s mystique in disguise. Bryan Singer is really good at making ensemble
films and thrillers, and I kind of think of Days of Future Past as a Time Travel Political
Thriller with Mutants and Machines instead of James Bond.
They show Magneto in prison and Mystique not with him, so clearly something went wrong
after the events of the last movie. I’m even more confused about the timeline and
Beast’s appearance now.
We finally get the big Quicksilver Intro. The funny part is that they’re going to
use him to break his father, Magneto out of the Pentagon prison. Love that Nixon poster
in the background of his home.
The breakout scene is also a little confusing, I loved Xavier punching Magneto, but why can
he walk, when he was crippled during the last movie. So many questions.
They’re really laying it on thick here with the Magneto Baseball stadium effect. They
wanted to top that levitation scene from the first movie. I think this is kind of an absurd
way to do it, but I’ll wait till I see it in the context of the story to judge.
Peter Dinklage is going to be epic as Boliver Trask, just watch him on Game of Thrones if
you don’t believe me. The design of the 70s sentinels is pretty cool, but the future
ones are really trippy. I can’t wait to see the rest of what the future looks like.
The ships and tech look amazing.
We see bone claws Wolverine, like in the post credits scene from The Wolverine movie last
year. In the promo images of future wolverine we saw the adamantium claws, so I wonder if
they just did that wrong, or if changing the past gives future wolverine his normal claws
back. More timeline questions.
The final scene is also really awesome. I just love that Wolverine would tell someone
flat out what their future was. Most people would pause to consider the ramifications,
but Wolverine is just like Fuck Spoilers dude, you totally die.
So the big news right now about X-Men Apocalypse, the spiritual sequel to Days of Future Past
is that Mister Sinister will be in the movie and Apocalypse of course. But Mister Sinister
will be like the Loki of the movie. As in the X-Men will be fighting him for most of
the movie before Apocalypse steps out of the shadows.
I think of him as being Fox’s version of Thanos. They’re the two biggest villains
you could possibly use, so neither studio wants to roll them out too soon. That’s
why it’s taken so many Marvel movies to get to Thanos.
There’s no word on what either Sinister or Apocalypse will look like, but the story
will loosely be based on the Age of Apocalypse storyline and supposedly they’re bringing
back Nightcrawler and Gambit. Here’s a quick breakdown of how you get from Days of Future
Past in the 70s to Age of Apocalypse in the 80s.
In Days of Future Past the mutants are driven to extinction, then attempt time travel as
a way to change the future. So even if they’re only a little successful in changing what
happens with the sentinels, they’ve created a whole new timeline.
And the beauty of X-Men stories is that no matter what you do, the outcome doesn’t
change too much. So instead of being super happy hug time, the new future created in
Days of Future Past is still awful, it’s just overrun with minions of Apocalypse, primarily
Mister Sinister.
It’s like you swing from Humans dominating Mutants to Evil Mutants dominating Humans
and Mutants. So it’s almost a worse future.
Since Bryan Singer said the plot would only loosely be based on Age of Apocalypse, we’ll
have to wait for more information about the cast to guess what they’ll change. But Channing
Tatum did confirm he was in talks to play Gambit and if they’re bringing Nightcrawler
back they could shuffle the cast depending on who dies during Days of Future Past.
So I’ll do a future video for Apocalypse at some point, but my next Days of Future
Past video will probably be the review of the movie when it comes out.
Feel free to suggest future Marvel bonus videos for me to do. And heads up, I’m posting
Agents of SHIELD later tonight, super late. Patton Oswalt was on and he was amazing. Be
sure to subscribe to get that video.
You can click here to watch it, I’ll add the annotation as soon as I upload it. And
click here to learn more about Captain America 3.
Thanks for watching, see you guys tonight. High Fives!
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X-Men Days Of Future Past Final Trailer Breakdown

1925 Folder Collection
Atype0817 published on June 6, 2014
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