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  • good things that come in tubes.

  • Toothpaste, paint, mayonnaise, fish, eggs, prawn cheese.

  • What mackerel and tomato in a tube.

  • And for those last few, you can thank Sweden.

  • Thanks a lot.

  • In Sweden, it's not uncommon to get your daily sustenance from a tube.

  • It is something very Swedish, but I think many sweets don't really realize that it's something unique.

  • My name is Carla Marie Perez.

  • I am originally from the Philippines, but I am based in Sweden.

  • I have been in Sweden since 2012.

  • Carla is fascinated by Sweden's food in tubes, so much so that she actually wrote her master's thesis on it.

  • E wrote 65 pages.

  • Oh yeah, so some of these products you can use on a sandwich these are caviar and this credible cheese and pat days.

  • You have another category, which is more for dressings and condiments, mayonnaise or like hamburger dressing.

  • And then you also have pure race, like tomato puree, which you can use for cooking.

  • But for the most popular way to eat food from a tube, you need your bread cracker or, as the Swede scholar connected bread, Perfect.

  • Now you need a topping.

  • What about the king of food tubes.

  • Callous caviar.

  • It's made from salted or smoked cod roe.

  • Or what about a cheese in a tube?

  • Bacon, cheese, shrimp and crayfish cheese Bleu cheese with pair?

  • Yeah, there's a lot.

  • You would definitely also find this, you know in Denmark and Norway and Finland in Germany.

  • But I'm not sure if it's as big in those countries as here in Sweden.

  • Yeah, they all look delicious.

  • But what I don't understand is why the tubes e would say, Maybe it's a culture off practicality and functionality, very convenient.

  • It's very clean.

  • It's easy to dose the product.

  • All suites kind of have their own way off, emptying it as much as they can.

  • There is some like contraptions that you can use thio, like folded somehow so that you put it here and then you just roll it and try to squeeze everything out of it.

  • Okay, so have the Swedes won you over?

  • I'm not sweet it.

  • So this is something that it was acquired.

  • Taste in a way, I do have like bacon cheese, but it's not really something that e eat often.

  • It's more like it's in my fridge This is the only flavor of spread herbal cheese that I actually really eat.

  • You know what I think?

  • If anything could get me into food tubes, it's probably bacon.

  • Thanks, Carla and happy eating.

  • Hey, everybody.

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good things that come in tubes.

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