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  • I am black alleged.

  • Understand that E just defeated Wrong mountain.

  • I started down in Springer Mountain, Georgia, on all way up past Millinocket, Maine.

  • It took me 190 days.

  • He looks romantic, but it is definitely not a joke.

  • Yeah, it was just a demoralizing day.

  • I ain't gonna lie to you.

  • Rain, rain, rain, like the last mile and a half was a mountain before you got to this gap E don't know what the name of that mountain is, But I hate you.

  • He's like Sometimes your dreams are what's best for you.

  • So I put in my two week notice like a couple days later.

  • I just posted one day just a random thought.

  • I wonder if I can survive in the woods and my cousin said, Go hike the Appalachian Trail.

  • I had never hiked camp the day in my life.

  • One of my mom's friends was calling me a black couple action.

  • And I was like, Hey, that kind of got a nice ring to it.

  • Today is Day one.

  • Appalachian Trail decided to be out here.

  • Think everything will be good.

  • The most challenging part was just happen to stay motivated for sure, Because you always know you could just pack up and go home at any time.

  • You have some bad days when it was just like constant rain for three or four days straight.

  • You like that?

  • I really e don't know about this.

  • Raindrops keep falling on my head, you know, wonder whether you're mentally prepared for it and physically prepared for it.

  • You really have to have a crazy amount of belief in yourself to get it done.

  • Just where we rocket T shirt off, wearing off, I will not be defeated.

  • And my favorite section of the Appalachian Trail has to be 100 mile wilderness up in Maine.

  • So beautiful.

  • This is my last week on trail Man.

  • The experiences I've had out here, I'm so grateful for people, I admit I'm grateful for after the trip, man, I really felt strong.

  • I felt accomplished.

  • My favorite parts of Kamino probably will be man just being able to go from town to town.

  • And this is like beautiful old towns right on the ocean.

  • Actually have a permit.

  • Uh, July 31st to go south bound on the Pacific Crest Trail from the Canadian border down to Mexico as far as a career, trying to just just chase the next adventure on searching for sponsorships.

  • I never thought in a million years I would be doing anything like this if I could just inspire one person, then I've done my job.

I am black alleged.

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How a first-time hiker trekked the entire Appalachian Trail

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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