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  • And here is what the jump recommends for today.

  • The Spencer Haywood rule battles basketball and the making of an American icon, a class written by our colleague Mark Spears from the Undefeated and Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe.

  • Spencer, as we know, grew up in rural Mississippi.

  • He was born to indentured servitude, picking cotton in 1970.

  • He earned the A B a work e of the year and M v P honors in the same season.

  • He later challenged the MBA's draft rules in the Supreme Court.

  • This book is phenomenal, and we're now thrilled to have co author Marc Spears here with my copy.

  • I got my copy.

  • That's right.

  • You get your copy, Richard, I got my copy.

  • I told him I was gonna do unless he unless it was signed in.

  • And he did it.

  • Got Thank you.

  • Got all right.

  • So when did you and Gary Washburn decided?

  • You guys just had to write this book talking to Spencer.

  • Hey, reached out to me and I've done a couple stories with him with undefeated.

  • And as you mentioned, there's a lot of stuff that goes with him, and he was comfortable talking about picking cotton and the racism that he dealt with in Mississippi and free agency and the drugs.

  • There's a lot being married to a woman.

  • This dude deserves a 30 for 30 and then also, you know what I mean when he was married to him on Yeah, there's some stuff with a Okay, Spits.

  • Yeah, but you know, Gary and I've been covering MBA over 20 years.

  • He's been coming over 15.

  • This is the first real book offer we got and to get it for a guy like Spencer man and we had to jump at it.

  • No, that that's awesome.

  • And meeting him just very briefly.

  • You know so much about people's stories and kind of what he did to help open up.

  • You know, players getting free agency and all the different things.

  • But when you talk to him, he feels like his place in history.

  • Up in that kind of important place of other individuals isn't where it should be like.

  • Is that something that's conveyed in this book?

  • The name the Spencer Haywood rule he wants, like things about free agency to be named after him.

  • He's like, really, really adamant about it.

  • been fighting for it for years, and when they read the book, they'll learn about his history in in free agency.

  • So the Spencer Haywood rule is something that he wants implemented in terms of giving them respect for what he's done, What he fought for, he went to the Supreme Court.

  • Yes, he deserves that respect 100 person.

  • And I got to say, I love the way the book looks by the way.

  • It's not just the front, but the back cover as well, he says.

  • I was fighting for everyone before me and everyone after me also.

  • And I think that that is so meaningful and so true and that learning about guys like this for people who are, you know, it's funny.

  • Tyler hero.

  • You're gonna hear a little quote from him later in the show because I sat down and interviewed him this morning on I was joking with him about Hey, do people scream songs that you because of hero, right?

  • He's like half of them.

  • I've never even heard of him because he's so young and you just get reminded that a lot of people in the NBA Finals in the game today they're young.

  • Maybe some of the players don't even know Spencer, and he's a character he used to eat.

  • Roadkill.

  • Can't you know?

  • Okay, that's not that's not a Southern boy way.

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And here is what the jump recommends for today.

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Why game-changing 1970s NBA star Spencer Haywood needed a book written about him | The Jump

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