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Did I not raise you for better? How many times have it told you?
You have to be what? You have to be what?
twice.. WHAT!?!?! Twice as good
twice as good as them to get half of what they have.
Give me a Uniform Give me a number on my back. i'll give you the guts.
Dont ever let somebody tell you
you cant do something. Not even me.
Alright? Alright.
you got to dream You got to protect it.
people cant do something themselves they want to tell you, you cant do it.
You want something? go get it. Period.
Nobody can speak the way you speak.
Nobody can write the way you write. Nobody can love the way you love.
Nobody can play that piano nobody can play that saxophone
Nobody can play that violin nobody can do poetry quite like you can do it
nobody can produce the way you can produce
nobody can write scores the way you write scores
You hear what I'm saying? you're powerful!
When you know within yourself that theres something you want to do
and i believe that all of us are born with a purpose
that all of us have something that we are supposed to do.
That all of us have some goodness within us and that goodness gives us a responsibility
to manifest our greatness. and when you know that
you can feel it in your guts and you now that your deliberately
operating below your potential you've gotten comfortable
you stop expanding you stop stretching
you stop challenging yourself let me share something else with you
not only is it possible for you to have your dream
but its necessary. Its necessary.
that you have it. that you work on it.
that you develop yourself. that you go for what is yours
in the universe. you decide I'm not gonna settle for this
this is not going to it for my life. I deserve more than this.
see that will start making you do some stuff. see a lot of people go to work everyday miserable
and they'll do is just talk about how miserable they are,
but they don't do anything about it!! You cant do that jack
These men have to live with themselves i have to live with myself too.
Right now I'm living a servant out there You don't matter now, Jack.
You're in this thing You don't have a right to pull out
from the backing of people that believe in you, they respect you,
they need you If you fight,
they wont say that Chapman forced you too. They'll say that you're in over your head.
that you don't belong here you can get out there and hit
you get on base and score! you can win this game for us.
we need ya. everybody needs ya.
you're amazing, Jack! But what I've come to appreciate
when you're working on changing your life changing some bad habit
getting out of addictive situations or relationships
or working to build a dream or making a difference in our society
its hard. easy?
is not an option. its hard living
life is hard. life's rough.
how people look at you how they respond to you.
Oh, You thought it was over? well its just getting started.
this is the part where you reinvent yourself. its time to get tested
to test your will your endurance
its time to test your heart to test your limits
its about no days off no weekend
no holidays no birthdays
listen to me NO.
Its about gaining some competitive edge you cant afford to make excuses
no excuses! when you feel pain.
and trust me you will feel it and all you want to do is give up
and all you want to do is give in when you feel like
you've given all you've got you got to take one more step
you got to run one more lap you got to throw one more punch
until you've reached the top.
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Becoming better than yesterday - Motivational Video

3948 Folder Collection
Wallace published on June 6, 2014
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