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  • goal.

  • Four of the Sustainable development Goals Quality education.

  • Ideas on how to make schools safer.

  • The number of school shootings in the United States is rapidly increasing.

  • Government officials and concerned citizens have offered ideas to help protect students and faculty, but an agreement is not being made.

  • Perhaps the most controversial idea is to arm teachers with firearms.

  • Some say the funds used to arm educators can be used to buy more school supplies or increased teachers.

  • Wages are the drawbacks to this idea.

  • Include the training teachers would need to take as well as the psychological probability that if given a weapon, the teacher would not use it against students or other faculty members.

  • The idea of hiring armed guards to monitor schools presents the opportunity of another possible shooter on campus.

  • Many people debate about how to keep schools safe, but no one seems to be able to agree on one solution.

  • One way to make schools safer is to stop the problem before it begins.

  • Many school shooters have Bean identified as students who have bean victims of bullying, having counseling for bullied students, and stricter rules for bullying can help degrees.

  • The number of bullying shooters.

  • Another controversial but effective method would be stricter.

  • Gun laws making it harder for people to obtain automatic weapons can also help degrees the number of casualties and lessen tragedies by limiting the dangerous equipment the mentally ill can get their hands on.

  • Schools should be gun free and safe for all who attend in times of emergency.

  • A method should be employed to make sure officers arrived fast in after de escalate the situation.

  • Um, finding a permanent fix for classroom safety will be a long but worthwhile process.

  • Children and teachers should feel safe at school to get the most out of their education.

  • With a little time and effort, we can help make our schools safer.


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