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  • - My mother was a witch.

  • And I know that I said my favorite of her sayings

  • was the one about the bloated monk who feared

  • his vow of silence covered farts,

  • but I didn't have a way with the phrase.

  • I'm afraid that I'll word it wrong.

  • Tell it another time, [inaudible]..

  • The woods reward silence.

  • It is in the silence we hear things not of this world.

  • Now, I will show you.

  • You must step very carefully.

  • Here to here.

  • Are you nervous of what you will find

  • when you reach [inaudible]?

  • Perhaps.

  • Which means you [inaudible] as surprise as [inaudible]..

  • [gasps]

  • Ah.

  • [laughs] It's fine.

  • [sighs]

  • They are everywhere on [inaudible] this time of year.

  • And there are mice, of course, many hawks, which also

  • eat the mice but prefer to eat the snakes

  • and sometimes get both.

  • There is also another creature, the [inaudible]..

  • The child of my housekeeper, Mary.

  • This is one of the surprises I will warn you of now.

  • You have a housekeeper?

  • I depend on her as she is a [inaudible] woman.

  • And she may test you.

  • She may throw curses at you.

  • Then you must put her in her place.

  • She has long since forgotten her place, I'm afraid.

  • Come.

  • I will tell you the story of the wasp

  • that followed me for two days.

  • Yes.

  • I looked and saw--

- My mother was a witch.

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Surprises Ahead | Barkskins

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