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  • so the theme you've chosen for your presentation looks pretty good, but you wanna make a few changes.

  • You could edit each slide individually, but a better solution is to edit the master slides.

  • Learning how to work with master slides can be a little challenging, but the reward is well worth it.

  • To get started.

  • Click Slide, then edit Master.

  • The new editor will open over top of your presentation here.

  • Instead of editing individual slides, you are editing slide layouts along the left side.

  • You'll see all of the layouts in your theme, and if you look closely, you'll see a yellow outline around the currently selected layout.

  • If you were to make changes to this layout, those changes would be applied to each slide in your presentation that uses this layout.

  • If you want to make changes that affect the whole presentation, select the master slide at the top.

  • Editing.

  • A master slide is similar to editing a normal slide In your presentation, you can add and remove elements, change text formatting and more.

  • For example, you can click the title text to select it, go to the toolbar and make it a talic.

  • If you look closely, you'll see that the titles in all of the slide layouts are now a talic as well.

  • If you also want to change the color of the text click text color, you have two options.

  • At this point, you could simply choose a new color for the text, or you could choose to edit the theme colors.

  • The advantage of editing the theme colors is that you can change the color everywhere to used in the presentation, not just in the title.

  • Let me show you what I mean.

  • Click the pencil icon toe, open the theme colors, pain, then click the drop down.

  • There are several theme colors to choose from, but we want text and background one.

  • Then choose a new color.

  • When you look at the slide layouts, you'll see that not on Lee has the title color changed.

  • But the background color on several other layouts has changed as well.

  • That's the power of using theme colors.

  • You can update your entire presentation with just a few clicks.

  • Let's go back to our presentation.

  • Click the X in the top, right to close the theme colors, pain and then again to close the master slides editor.

  • Now we can see that the new color and title formatting has been applied to the presentation.

  • This is looking pretty good, but I do want to make a few more changes.

  • I want the blue box on the title slide to be larger, but there's a problem.

  • I can't select it.

  • That's because the blue box is part of the slides layout, not of the slide itself to edit the layout once again, go to slide.

  • Edit Master.

  • Now you can select and edit all of the elements.

  • Now click and drag the boxes sizing handle to make it larger.

  • And I'll hold the control key while dragging to make it resize from the center.

  • That helps keep everything lined up.

  • Then I'll select the white outline and size it up a swell there.

  • I like that better.

  • When I close out of the editor, I can see that my title slide has updated.

  • As you can probably tell.

  • Learning how toe work with master slides is a little tricky, but it's also super useful.

  • Another benefit is that it's easy to import your customization into a new presentation as the theme.

  • Here's how that works Open the presentation into which you want to import your customized theme.

  • Then click theme in the toolbar.

  • The themes.

  • Pain will open, and at the bottom there is an option to import theme.

  • A new window opens and you will see all of your Google slides.

  • Presentations.

  • Choose the right presentation, then click Select.

  • Next, Select the theme and click import theme.

  • Congratulations.

  • You have just imported your own custom theme into a new presentation, G C F.

  • Global.

  • Creating Opportunities for a Better Life.

so the theme you've chosen for your presentation looks pretty good, but you wanna make a few changes.

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Google Slides: Master Slides and Layouts

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