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  • think about your typical Chinese restaurant in the West.

  • What's on the menu?

  • It's likely things like wanton chop suey and low me in.

  • But these dishes all come from just one part of China theme.

  • Cantonese region it Chinese food is more than just stir fried noodles and dumplings.

  • I'm Claressa and I'm taking you on a journey through China to try authentic Chinese food region by region.

  • Yeah, the Cantonese part of China includes Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau.

  • The sub tropical climate means abundant rainfall, making it an ideal place to grow crops and the main river, the Pearl River flood seasonally, which is especially good for growing one crop.

  • Rice Rice is king in this part of China and requires flooded fields to grow because off the Power River, that area create a lot off my friend on on the side.

  • So those are very rich, finding cultivation ground for rice, vegetables and different kinds off animals as well.

  • There's the usual suspects, like beef, pork and fish.

  • But there's also stuff like snake, which is usually served in soup and considered the perfect winter warmer regions.

  • Proximity to the ocean also means in abundance of seafood.

  • Historically, at least on the streets.

  • Fresh fish balls are common snack made with pulverized fish meat.

  • And because of this access to fresh ingredients, seeming is the preferred method of cooking because it brings out the ingredients natural flavor.

  • Steamed fish is popular, and almost all dim sum dishes are powered by steam for dim sum, especially bamboo steamers are preferred E, but the thing that was over here e a photo thing.

  • Some booth scene.

  • Miss E.

  • Something like that.

  • It's not just dim sum.

  • That's umami.

  • All Cantonese food has some umami flavor, and that's in part because of all the sauces available, such as fermented bean sauce and shrimp pace.

  • This region is also the birthplace of oyster sauce and hoisin sauce, which are used as blazes for Cantonese barbecue.

  • While every part of China has its own roast meat, Cantonese barbecue is especially sweet.

  • The meat is often glazed with sugar and air dried.

  • Of all Chinese cuisines, Cantonese is the most visible internationally, in part because Cantonese speaking immigrants were the first to move out and settle in the West.

  • Cantonese start moving toe, North America, Europe and even now people are paying attention to the chief are which is a popular enough in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

  • They're all kind off brought a kind of food brought by the Cantonese migrants, like over 100 years old.

  • These immigrants use ingredients available to them, and that evolved into the Chinese American comfort food we know and love today.

  • But if you want authentic Cantonese food, there's no better place than the source.

  • So where the best places to eat in this region up next in this series will go on a food tour of Hong Kong and hit up three restaurants?

  • After that, we'll learn how to make some rice noodle rolls from scratch.

  • Stay tuned with we E.

  • E.

think about your typical Chinese restaurant in the West.

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