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  • Hey, even do you think you can help me with a little experiment?

  • I'd love to bend, but I've just been in the garden and elite wash my hands, actually, dirty hands.

  • A perfect for this experiment.

  • Okay, now we know about germs, and there are good germs and bad germs on the bad.

  • Germs are the ones that can sometimes make us sick.

  • So here we've got some pepper flakes, and we're going to pretend that these are the bad germs.

  • So I'm going to Sprinkle the pretend germs into this water like this on.

  • Then what I'd like you to do is to pop your dirty finger into the bowl of water.

  • Okay.

  • Okay.

  • Now put your finger on what happens.

  • Oh, the germs around my finger.

  • Yeah, that's right.

  • But next, you you've got a little cup off soap.

  • So put your finger in there and make sure the soap is all over your finger.

  • And then put your finger back into the ball with the pretend germs and what happens.

  • Whoa, Look at that.

  • Yeah, it's amazing.

  • All of the pretend germs move away because of the soap.

  • And that's why it's really, really important to wash your hands.

  • Oh, that's amazing.

  • Better wash my hands now.

Hey, even do you think you can help me with a little experiment?

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