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  • responsible consumption in tourism.

  • How to choose the right place to eat?

  • Mhm, Meet Tom.

  • During his vacation in France, Tom booked a very special trip one day Mystery food tour.

  • For each meal he gets to choose between two options and has to get which one is more sustainable.

  • Let's join him on his tour.

  • First Stop Cafe Pleasure for breakfast.

  • The choices are between the croissant with homemade strawberry jam and a baguette with fresh avocado and bacon.

  • Before choosing, Tom asks the waiter about the origin of the Products Way Avocado came all the way from Peru, and the bacon was imported from England.

  • The strawberry's, however, were picked in the garden of the restaurant and cooked into a gem by the chef herself.

  • Are your products fair trade and organic?

  • Tom wanders.

  • Yes, all of the ingredients are fair Trade and Bureau, As we say in French, then the choice is easy.

  • He takes option one.

  • If the products original not only the local economy will benefit, but also the environment.

  • As the transportation distances shorter, a swell as the consumer because the product is fresher for lunch.

  • Thomas, facing a difficult decision, he has to choose between a well known fast food chain and the local bistro.

  • If he picks the fast food restaurant, he knows exactly what he's going to be served.

  • It's the safer choice, and probably cheaper, too.

  • However, the local bees thought should be more sustainable.

  • As the prophet stay in the region while with an international company, only a few powerful American bosses will benefit.

  • No risk, no fun.

  • Thanks, Tom.

  • Last stop of the day Let Nicola Apology and crap with cheese, the specialty of the region on the menu.

  • Although he loves pizza, Tom decides to go for Britain.

  • Crap, this'll way you were not only taste a new dish, but he will also learn about the French culinary culture and therefore had preserved a long tradition.

  • What a great trip from now knows to keep originality, fairness and cultural heritage in mind.

  • When he chooses where to eat.

responsible consumption in tourism.

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Sustainable Tourism 2 - How To Choose The Right Place To Eat

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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