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  • Nowadays, everyone is on Instagram like, "Here's seven hours of my undivided attention." or at home, like "Here's nine hours of my precious life resources."

  • And then at the end of the week, they wonder, "Why didn't I get anything done this week?"

  • I used to think that time management was the key to productivity.

  • But the more I've looked at the lives of titans who inspire and motivate me, I realized there's only a finite amount of time that everyone has in the day.

  • So how are some people getting more done in less time than others?

  • Is it skill?

  • I am an artist.

  • I am the best cat groomer in the whole world.

  • Is it speed?

  • I've never done speed. Is that how you do it?

  • No, baby. I now believe that your ability to get things done is intrinsically tied to how well you can concentrate.

  • So more than time management, attention management is key.

  • If you find yourself constantly not meeting your goals, you may be an attention whore.

  • Spreading out your time here and there, Willy fucking nilly.

  • Oh, I'm sorry. Did you think this was a slut shaming video?

  • No, honey, this is click bait for a cause.

  • Now I do want to say here, it's equally important in attention management to make time to not have to monitor your attention.

  • Rest and relaxation are equally as important as productivity.

  • In fact, I would say rest and relaxation are necessary to have the ability to concentrate your attention.

  • I don't buy into hustle culture that advocates sacrificing your mental health, sleep, physical health, your social life or your overall well being.

  • We're not work horses.

  • And also I don't like that we make horses work.

  • They don't get paid.

  • I don't understand.

  • But anyway, how can you concentrate your attention?

  • One, meditation obvious.

  • It requires the most basic, simple but impossibly difficult way to execute your focus.

  • You just sit there and breathe for 15 minutes and keep your attention on your breath.

  • Try not to get distracted.

  • Wow, you'll find out real quick how easy it is to get distracted.

  • Two, if you're not sure about your attention skills, start logging your time spent in a calendar.

  • Seriously, just like how you track every single expense when you're trying to learn more about your financial life.

  • Track your time spent if you want awareness of your time life.

  • At the end of each week, you can see realistically where most of your attention goes and how good or bad you are at managing it.

  • And finally, three, practice small spurts.

  • We practice distraction every single day.

  • We mindlessly squirrel through our phone.

  • We multitask.

  • We Internet surf when we have important deadlines.

  • We have become masters of distraction.

  • So if you wanna be a master of attention, you just have to practice it.

  • Take 10 minutes a day to focus on a specific task.

  • Whether that's meditation, writing, reading, what have you?

  • Learn how to focus your attention in small doses and slowly amp up the time you dedicate to concentration as you get better.

  • You're welcome.

  • I'm Anna Akana.

  • Stay awesome, Gotham.

  • Cut!

Nowadays, everyone is on Instagram like, "Here's seven hours of my undivided attention." or at home, like "Here's nine hours of my precious life resources."

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Stop Being An Attention Ho

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