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  • Hi, my name is Andri Snær Magnason,

  • talking from Iceland.

  • (Water rushing)

  • In 2019, we had lost our first glacier to climate change:

  • the Okjökull, the Ok glacier,

  • that is not OK anymore.

  • And in the next 200 years,

  • we expect all our glaciers to follow the same path.

  • This glacier here is one of them:

  • lheimajökull, in the south coast of Iceland.

  • (Water rushing)

  • I wrote a poem for a plaque that was placed on the mountain

  • where Okjökull once stood.

  • It was a letter to the future,

  • and it says,

  • "This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening

  • and what needs to be done.

  • Only you know if we did it."

  • My grandparents, they were glacier explorers at times,

  • when the glaciers seemed eternal.

  • They went on a glacial honeymoon in the year 1956.

  • For three weeks, they were mapping and traveling Vatnajökull,

  • Europe's biggest glacier,

  • sleeping in tents in extreme temperatures.

  • And I asked them once, "Weren't you cold?"

  • And they said, "Cold?

  • We were just married."

  • My grandmother just turned 96,

  • and now we know that many glaciers will be gone

  • within the time someone born today becomes as old as my grandmother is now.

  • We need to start connecting to the future in an intimate and urgent way.

  • My grandmother, she was born in the year 1924.

  • And if I have grandchildren,

  • the people I will love the most in my life will still be alive in the year 2150.

  • Because our time is the time of the people that we know and love,

  • the time that created us,

  • and our time is also the time of the people that we will know and love,

  • the time that we create.

  • We can easily span 230 years --

  • the handshake of generations.

  • When a scientist says 2100, we just shrug; we don't feel connected.

  • But I asked my grandmother, "Are 100 years a long time or short time?"

  • And she said, to my surprise,

  • "It's a short time.

  • I feel like I was traveling the glaciers yesterday."

  • (Water rushing)

  • So 2100 is not a distant future.

  • It's basically tomorrow,

  • because in the mind of those people,

  • 2020 will be yesterday.

  • And I'm quite sure that we want them to look at our time

  • with pride and gratitude,

  • because we knew what was happening

  • and we know what needs to be done,

  • and we actually, eventually, did the right thing.

  • Thank you.

Transcriber: TED Translators Admin Reviewer: Mirjana Čutura

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On time and water | Andri Snær Magnason

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