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  • Picture this.

  • You've had a long day and decide to relax by watching a movie on your favorite streaming service.

  • You scroll through some options and watch a trailer.

  • It looks all right, but what about this one?

  • Another trailer and another trailer, 20 minutes later, and you still haven't picked something to watch.

  • Sound familiar?

  • This common occurrence is due to something called choice paralysis.

  • Choice Paralysis is when you have trouble making a decision because there's an overwhelming amount of different options to choose from.

  • Maybe you've experienced it while trying to order from a lengthy diner menu or picking out paint colors.

  • Initially, having a lot of options can seem like a good thing.

  • There's a lot of freedom and possibility, but once you try to make a decision, the sheer amount of choices can be exhausting.

  • Sometimes to the extent that you don't make a choice at all.

  • This paralysis is partially caused by the belief that somewhere in this abundance of options there's a right choice.

  • We want to find the best movie because, after all, our time is valuable.

  • So we think about choosing night bikes.

  • But there's also Basketball Dog and Danger Cliff.

  • But what if those aren't as good as Garden Cop, Todd Broll Mall troll, or the Egregious Pastel Lodge, and so on and so on?

  • And before we know it, we've used up a large chunk of the valuable time that we were worried about wasting in the first place.

  • Instead of falling down this rabbit hole, give this a try.

  • Lowering your expectations.

  • I know, this may seem counterintuitive, but let's break it down.

  • If you change your mental expectations from I need to watch the best movie to I wanna watch a movie that's good enough,

  • It can accomplish two things:

  • one,

  • you're putting less pressure on yourself to find that perfect choice.

  • And two, by setting the bar lower, you're more likely to enjoy whatever it is you do end up choosing.

  • On top of this, try limiting your choices.

  • Let's say you feel like watching something funny.

  • Instead of looking through every comedy available, go ahead and pick out two or three options and force yourself to choose one of those.

  • By giving yourself less decision space, the choice will be both less stressful and time-consuming.

  • So, the next time you sit down to watch something and feel Choice Paralysis taking over.

  • Remember that the decision itself really doesn't hold that much weight.

  • Pick something. The odds are it'll be good enough.

  • And even if it's not the absolute best, it's probably better than nothing at all.

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Picture this.

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