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  • these spray paint can, which led to entirely new art techniques, wasn't invented until 1949.

  • But since then, it's found uses in everything from model cars to real cars, airbrushed T shirts to airbrush makeup and famously graffiti or street art.

  • Even that's come a long way from illegal vandalism toe public murals paid for by local governments.

  • It's like a therapy, a form of therapy, you know, it's what I do is what I do to make me feel part of this big spin involved.

  • Yeah, it is.

  • Street art has come a long way.

  • From its humble and rebellious beginnings.

  • It's become popular the world over, from Instagram to the most prominent of art galleries.

  • It's celebrated today in circles that once looked down their noses at it.

  • There's something uplifting about seeing publicar and seeing Miralles going up around.

  • It changes the face of a city sometimes mhm thistles.

  • Nomad Plan, a British street art duo, have made a big name for themselves Globally.

  • They've painted giant murals in cities all over the world, commissioned by governments, galleries, NGOs, companies and brands.

  • They've been invited to exhibit everywhere from the gilded horse of London's and Paul's Cathedral to the jungle refugee camp in Calais, France.

  • Social, environmental and humanitarian issues are often focus.

  • Street art has always been about putting a message out.

  • Questioning things and getting people thinking and talking on just cause we paint like giant public art murals doesn't mean that we want Thio remove those elements from our work.

  • Their works are set apart by a strong focus on local history and culture.

  • Way like Thio.

  • Have our murals connect with the place that we painted them in?

  • It does help sway city councils authorities because they're often quite proud of it.

  • Or wanting to use that as an angle for terrorism.

  • Works like this require detailed planning is a mistake on this scale isn't easy to fix.

  • It's the most intense Part of it is getting the sketch down and getting the sketch on it right?

  • Because that's your framework, then is toe that you build from in 2017 the pair created the U.

  • K's tallest mural.

  • He was part of a project called a City less gray, aiming to inject color into the urban streets of leads.

  • Seven months, planning one month in creation on over 300 spray cans later.

  • Athena rising stands at 150 ft tall on 36 ft wide.

  • That's around the same height as the Statue of Liberty.

  • E think one of the things we do is mash up the story telling element with some of the heritage stuff, maybe social issues that were touching on.

  • But we're presenting it in a way that everyone can enjoy on a visual level.

  • E Every time we paint a mural, one of our ideals is making sure that the local community have a sense of ownership over it.

  • What are the ones that are gonna see it every day when we go way look everyday way mhm.

these spray paint can, which led to entirely new art techniques, wasn't invented until 1949.

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