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  • To understand the science, we normally end up concentrating

  • on the stupid, but every now and then,

  • we get the chance to study at the feet,

  • or in this case, the hands of a real expert.

  • Meet Kevin from Switzerland.

  • He's going to try and set a Guinness World Record title

  • for the fastest descent of 50 stairs

  • while walking on his hands.

  • Good luck, Kevin.

  • [music playing]

  • [cheering]

  • Wow, 14.58 seconds.

  • I couldn't run it in that time.

  • Don't forget, the problem with walking on your hands

  • is there's nothing to catch you when you fall,

  • and for most people, falling is almost inevitable

  • [thud]

  • if you can get up in the first place.

  • Ah, that's much better.

  • [thumping]

  • Yeah, really well.

  • I would advise quite strongly that you don't try this.

  • The thing is Kevin knew science, and when you know science,

  • it's just like a walk in the park, only

  • upside down, on your hands, and not necessarily in a park.

  • First, he swings his legs upwards,

  • generating just enough angular momentum

  • to stay balanced upside down.

  • His arms must be strong enough to support his weight.

  • Being upside down can be disorienting as the vestibular

  • system located in the inner ear sends signals

  • to the brain telling him he's inverted,

  • meaning he must concentrate more to stay oriented.

  • Going downstairs, he generates more angular momentum, which he

  • balances out by going down quickly

  • and moving his arms, his base of support

  • under his center of mass.

To understand the science, we normally end up concentrating

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How to Walk on Your Hands | Science of Stupid: Ridiculous Fails

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