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  • we explain how data donations to wiki data work.

  • This is Rachel.

  • She works at a museum and loves her job because it means bringing knowledge to people.

  • However, the museum is limited to one city.

  • Shouldn't the knowledge collected in museums and archives be accessible to people all over the world?

  • Rachel heard about Wicky data, Ah multi lingual free knowledge base that can be read and edited by humans and machines alike.

  • Coal wiki data contains millions of items, each representing different information.

  • Ah, person, a place or a piece of art.

  • Thekla Unity of Volunteers maintains this data, but the information has to be contributed.

  • Like many other galleries, libraries and archives, Rachel decides to contribute to Wiki data.

  • First, she collects, cleans and prepares the data for digitizing.

  • Then Rachel talks to the contributors of wiki data that take care of data uploads.

  • With their help, Rachel can now add her museums treasure chest of data to wiki data.

  • Data shared in wiki data becomes free knowledge released into the public domain.

  • Others can query wiki data and build upon it.

  • Wiki data is used by the Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia and also by many other websites and applications, like a mobile app that can give information on pieces of art around the user.

  • Because Rachel likes to see the different ways her uploaded data is used, she regularly checks the data and updates it if necessary.

  • Rachel is happy.

  • The knowledge that her museum offers is now available worldwide in almost 300 languages, ready to be used by anyone.

  • And by donating data to wiki data, she has helped to give more people more access to more knowledge.

  • The museum is now much larger than the city it is located in mhm.

  • If you also want to learn how to contribute and donate your data, visit w m d dot org's slash data donation.

we explain how data donations to wiki data work.

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