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  • I'm feeling a little speechless at the moment.

  • I've been on skyscrapers around the world, but I've never seen a city as massive as this.

  • I keep looking down and thinking There's 38 million stories down there all around me.

  • Yeah, Tokyo is a tapestry of neighborhoods.

  • Each one seems tohave its own identity.

  • You've got skyscrapers, six or eight lane highways, and then you've got these skinny little alleyways with lanterns.

  • So my mission is to taste these different little microcosms that make up this massive, massive metropolis.

  • The first neighborhood I'm exploring is called Yonica local states.

  • The neighborhood that time forgot.

  • This is the old Tokyo, the Tokyo that many people think doesn't exist anymore.

  • Yonica has very nostalgic atmosphere.

  • So this is our little time capsule back to old Tokyo.

  • Yeah, exactly.

  • We started off a Yonica adventure in Yonica Ginza, the main shopping street through the neighborhood.

  • Lots of Mom and Dad stores selling everything from potato crickets through to Japanese slippers, cat statues everywhere and a really low key village vibe.

  • Our next stop was Nezu Shrine.

  • What I really loved about it with the Torii Gate on the more get you walk through the happier you supposed to become.

  • E can't think of a more perfect way to end our tour of the neighborhood than in this beautiful tea room.

  • Yes, Sometimes you forgot Tanika is a part of the Tokyo is the little oasis of tranquility in the heart of the city.

  • Yes, exactly.

  • I've been hanging out with Yoshimi Exploring an old part of Tokyo not more than a mile away from here is a very different type of Tokyo.

  • A place called Akihabara.

  • Mhm.

  • Now what is Akihabara?

  • It's official electric town of Tokyo.

  • And it's all things nerdy culture.

  • Anything you want that you have a passion for.

  • You can find it here, Ethicist Wonderland.

  • Pretty much so.

  • This place is a robot shot.

  • This is amazing.

  • I've only seen stuff like this on television.

  • Can I shake your hand?

  • It's cute, but freaking me out at the same time.

  • Yeah, they're still working out the kinks from takeover by our over.

  • Well, don't freak me out.

  • Our next stop was mandate RK, which was an eight story department store dedicated to collectibles.

  • I've never seen anything like that.

  • When you first bought your real time.

  • When you're a kid kind of brings that that old feeling like it's not just nostalgia.

  • You appreciate the craftsmanship and what went into creating these pieces.

  • So while Yannick, it feels more like some gorgeous, quite little village you've got, aka Habre, which feels like Tokyo on steroids, it's absolutely insane.

  • This is a city where the old and the new are in constant contrast, obviously, both neighborhoods a very different creatures, and yet both offer a kind of escapism just goes to show you just how much variety there is.

  • And it's just so visually rich and texture.

  • There's nothing like this on Earth.

I'm feeling a little speechless at the moment.

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