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  • thes tires are being tourney apart to get a few extra miles as footwear.

  • The scraps get cut, reshaped and transformed into sandals like thes tire waste has become a big problem here in India, but one woman found a way to turn the pollutant into a fashion statement.

  • It is eco friendly.

  • It is environmentally friendly.

  • It is up cycle product.

  • She's hoping to repurpose some of the waste in her country and change how people think about consumption along the way.

  • Growing stacks of discarded tires in the city of Pune sparked this 27 year old telecom engineer into action.

  • Most off the tire scraps in the country are nothing but addition to landfills.

  • These air non biodegradable because is air pollution as the less oil pollution.

  • It is alarming condition for us.

  • In 2018 almost two million tons of rubber waste were shipped abroad, the equivalent of 200 million tires.

  • Britain, Italy and the United States are the biggest exporters, and India is the number one recipient.

  • The rubber wire and fabric from the imported tires are usually melted down and turned into fuel in what are called paralysis plants.

  • But Pooja had another idea.

  • I enrolled myself in a competition held by startup India, and I won the award off Best Woman entrepreneur.

  • So after that competition I started manufacturing the photo she began by working with a rag picker, someone who sells materials salvaged on the streets and from garbage.

  • But here do quickly just perform your mother, Malcolm Matea margins for the top part of the shoe.

  • Pooja picks out new cloth from a shop if she's making a design in bulk.

  • But sometimes she gets scraps from this Taylor to dress your blouse.

  • Next, a cobbler assembles all of the parts For Pooja.

  • Breaking into the male dominated footwear industry has come with challenges.

  • When initially I used to visit different windows or different manufacturers in local area, they advised me that Mom, you should bring someone with you as a bodyguard.

  • At least you should bring your husband with you.

  • It is not good that you are rooming around here like alone.

  • But that hasn't stopped her from wanting to expand her business.

  • Right now, we are targeting India ladies customer with age group of 15 to 16.

  • But very soon we're launching our kids collection and mains collection her mission is to create something clean and usable from an object known to be dirty and toxic.

  • Footwear manufacturing do not involve in a chemical reaction on tired, which causes air pollution.

  • Air pollution from burning tires creates health risks that ranged from skin irritations, toe heart attacks and lung cancer, according to Indian public health experts.

  • An audit in July found that over 40% of the 637 licensed tire melting plants in India we're not meeting environmental standards.

  • Backlash from activists and residents has led India's environmental court to consider banning some plants.

  • A ruling is expected in January, but Pooja says her hope for consumers is to become more conscious of the footprints they leave behind before buying anything.

  • You should think about the meaning off the product.

thes tires are being tourney apart to get a few extra miles as footwear.

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