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  • [Nancy] "Nancy's Butterfly Pavilion."

  • Ooh là là, Bree.

  • I don't think anything can be more fantastique than this butterfly.

  • Except maybe all of these butterflies.

  • [laughs] You're right, Nancy. [laughs]

  • Oh, bonjour. Hello!

  • Today, Bree and I turned my dream house into a butterfly pavilion.

  • Pavilion is fancy for a building.

  • Don't worry. We'll set all the butterflies free once we're done.

  • They're meant to live outside.

  • Bree knows tons about bugs, and I'm practically an expert on butterflies,

  • so we make a great team.

  • Ooh, look at the emerald one. Emerald is fancy for "green."

  • That's an emerald swallowtail butterfly. It comes from Asia.

  • And this exquisitely colored one?

  • That's a monarch butterfly.

  • Its bright colors tell predators that it's poisonous.

  • Good. I wouldn't want anyone eating that sweet, little papillon.

  • Papillon is French for "butterfly."

  • [gasps] Look, they're smelling the flowers.

  • Actually, they're probably drinking the flowers' nectar.

  • Oh. Hey, want to know what else butterflies eat?

  • Mais oui, I'm almost 100% positive it's something fancy.

  • -Mud. -[gasps] "Mud"?

  • Yup. Butterflies need salt and minerals in their diet.

  • So after a rainstorm, they drink mud. It's called "puddling."

  • [shudders] There isn't a word fancy enough

  • to describe how I feel about that.

  • Still, I think it's magnifique that you know

  • so many unusual things about butterflies, Bree.

  • Thanks, Nancy. And I like that you see the most important thing of all about butterflies--

  • that they're beautiful.

  • They're more than beautiful, Bree.

  • They're superb, ravishing, resplendent.

  • [both sigh]

  • But they really drink mud?

  • -Yup. [giggles] -[giggles]

[Nancy] "Nancy's Butterfly Pavilion."

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Nancy's Butterfly Pavilion ? | Fancy Nancy | Disney Junior

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