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  • It's not easy remembering the web address of every site you like to visit.

  • Thankfully, bookmarks make it simple to save and organize specific websites so you can revisit them again and again.

  • To mark your current web site as a bookmark, click the star on the right side of the address bar.

  • By default, it will be saved to the Bookmarks Bar folder,

  • but you can click the drop down menu to select a different location.

  • Let's save this site to the Other Bookmarks folder.

  • Click Done and it will be saved in your chosen folder.

  • Later on, if you'd like to revisit that site, begin typing in the address bar,

  • and any bookmarks matching the text will appear in the search results.

  • Just click on the bookmark to open it.

  • Another way to access your bookmarks is to open a new tab.

  • On the toolbar, you will see any websites saved to your bookmarks bar.

  • To browse additional bookmarks, you can click Other Bookmarks on the right.

  • Once you begin collecting bookmarks, you may want to organize them by creating a folder.

  • Click the More button, choose Bookmarks, and then select Bookmark Manager.

  • Click on the desired location for your folder.

  • On this page, click the More button

  • and select Add new folder.

  • Give it a name and when you're finished, click Save.

  • We can move bookmarks into the new folder by clicking and dragging.

  • Let's move these travel-related sites into the new folder.

  • Simply click on the folder to view its contents.

  • If you'd like to delete a bookmark or folder, right click on it and select Delete.

  • If you have a lot of websites saved within a different web browser, such as Firefox,

  • you can import them into Chrome.

  • First, click the More button in the toolbar.

  • Select bookmarks and choose Import bookmarks and settings.

  • In the drop down menu, select the browser you would like to import from.

  • Select the type of data you'd like to import.

  • Then click Import.

  • Once it's available, click Done.

  • The imported bookmarks will then appear in a new folder.

  • Remember, creating folders is optional.

  • You may find the extra organization helpful,

  • but it does take some time to set up your folders. How you use your bookmarks is up to you.

  • GCF Global: Creating opportunities for a better life.

It's not easy remembering the web address of every site you like to visit.

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