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  • Fun facts, fun facts

  • You're gonna love these fun facts

  • Sit back, relax grab a little snack

  • Here comes some very fun facts

  • Did you know that a dog has a powerful nose?

  • He can smell really well everywhere that he goes

  • And did you know your fingerprint's one of a kind?

  • No one else has the same little, curvy design

  • After a storm rainbows remain

  • When the sunlight shines through droplets of rain

  • Hippos milk is the color of pink

  • And they can run a lot faster than you might think

  • MAN: Look out! (PLUTO YELPS)

  • Fun facts, fun facts.

  • You're gonna love these fun facts

  • Did you know that a pig can't look up at the sky?

  • Did you know that a squid has the world's biggest eye?

  • Did you know that cows love to go to sleep still standing up

  • Nappin' on their feet

  • Did you know an apple in water will float?

  • It will bob like a buoy all around red boat

  • And hey, did you know that nothing rhymes with purple?

  • ♪ A big blue whale is so long and wide

  • Many elephants could fit inside

  • And did you know that glass is made of sand?

  • It's strange but true

  • ♪ I'm sure you know a snail leaves a trail of slime

  • But did you know they nap for years at a time

  • And most folks around the world

  • Can't lick their elbow

  • Can you?

  • Fun facts, fun facts

  • You're gonna love these fun facts

  • Tall giraffe has a tongue that's black

  • That's another fun little fact

  • Wherever you go there's more to know

  • Everybody loves fun facts


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