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  • This'll is a black baby and this is a white baby.

  • They're identical.

  • The only difference is the skin color.

  • In the 19 forties, a university professor showed young black kids thes two baby dolls and ask them a simple question.

  • Which baby doll is ugly and which baby doll is beautiful?

  • The black kids answer is not what you would expect.

  • In fact, there answer made people cry.

  • Which doll is the ugly dog first?

  • Back up a little bit.

  • We all know the world is full of racism.

  • You can see it everywhere.

  • But here is the crazy part.

  • When there is so much racism, at some point it gets into our own head on.

  • We start to believe that if, for example, black is bad and I am black thin, I am bad.

  • This is what they said.

  • Which doll is the ugly dog?

  • Why is that dog ugly?

  • Because he, because he's black from which doll is the bad dog on?

  • Why does that dog pretty because he's e this'll should make you sad, but not surprised.

  • According to researchers, this is expected behavior by three months old Babies can tell one race from another by two years old.

  • They can stare your type.

  • Since we are born, we learn to love our own race or to hate it.

  • I know how it feels.

  • Because I felt it too.

  • I grew up thinking I'm not good enough.

  • I am an Arab on TV.

  • I'm the terrorist in movies.

  • I kill people in popular culture.

  • I am the primitive desert man.

  • So I started to think this is not beautiful and this is beautiful.

  • This is successful.

  • This'd is rich.

  • This is peaceful and this is not Show me the mean child.

  • Okay, Why is she the mean child?

  • Because she's way, doctor, I just don't like the way brown looks because Brown looks who is very nasty for some reason.

  • But I don't know what easy getting rid off.

  • Self hate is not easy.

  • Albert Einstein once said, What a sad era when it is easier to smash an atom than a prejudice.

  • It is easier to break and Adam into two, then to break stereotypes about a certain race or certain people think about that.

  • Thistles not supposed to be a depressing video.

  • After that experiment was made, it was used as evidence in the Supreme Court that segregation and racism are bad.

  • And soon after, the US Supreme Court ruled that you cannot segregate students at schools based on their race, and you cannot make people off a certain race feel inferior.

  • As for me, it took me decades of hard work.

  • But now I know I am equal to the white race, and billions of other people are starting to think that too slowly but surely society is changing, and in the future, kids will answer.

  • The white doll and the black dog are both beautiful.

  • See you next week before you go.

  • One last thing, that video you just saw I made using this camera and this microphone.

  • But for the first time ever, I'm ditching my camera and I'm picking up my podcasting equipment because, yes, I'm starting a podcast.

  • It's called mass talks.

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  • Thio.

  • Yes, no stocks.

  • It's 100% honest and raw and deep, and by the way.

  • It's 100% free.

  • So keep your money and give me your ears.

  • Because if you like this video, I think you're gonna love this podcast.

  • See you on Spotify.

This'll is a black baby and this is a white baby.

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