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  • anyone who was watching get up leading up to the draft knows Mike Tannenbaum.

  • You were super high on Justin Herbert at a time that a lot of other people were not.

  • So I guess I would ask you.

  • I mean, to quote Ryan Clark's tweet, Is it possible that Dolphins drafted the wrong guy?

  • Well, the reality is it's just way too soon for all these guys.

  • Borough Herbert.

  • We haven't talked about your in love who we may not see for two more years.

  • But what we saw in Oregon is the same thing we're seeing now.

  • This guy is Ben Roethlisberger.

  • He could make all the throws.

  • He's big, he's fast.

  • He out ran leverage a couple of times the other night against the Saints, and he has a rocket for an arm, and he's high character and smart.

  • So to me, he had checked every box, and I've been influenced a lot by Coach Parcells, who always talked about being built toe last and you look at Justin Herbert.

  • He is built toe last, and that's why I thought from tangibles, intangibles.

  • It was all there.

  • And I'm not surprised by his success, and I think as it relates to to, uh, I see a little bit different than RC from this standpoint.

  • If I'm the Dolphins, I'm hoping I made a 10 year decision.

  • Why Russia?

  • You know, greeny.

  • We saw it with Chad painting a decade ago, where Chad sat for a couple years under test averred E, and when he started, he just took off so I would preach patience with two.

  • Uh, he's been hurt in the past.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick plays good football, not elite, but good competitive football.

  • So why Russia 10 year decision until you're absolutely sure that he's ready to go.

  • Desmond take a Ryan's raising his hand.

  • I can't ignore that.

  • I have to go to Ryan Clark when he's raising his hand.

  • Go ahead.

  • I see.

  • Uh huh.

  • If we are looking at Justin Herbert like Ben Roethlisberger, although I think he's much better physically there.

  • Ben Roethlisberger was as a rookie and to a talk about lower turns into Chad Pennington.

  • No disrespect to Chad Pennington, good football player, not a great football player.

  • If to talk about lower turns into that, you made a mistake because Justin Herbert is a star period.

  • If that's what he?

  • That's what he ends up being.

  • You were wrong.

  • You made a bad a bad decision.

  • That was it wasn't the right pick.

  • Fair enough.

  • Let me get guys in here quickly.

  • Desmond Howard.

  • Just take us back again.

  • You cover all these guys in your mind?

  • Herbert versus two.

  • Uh, which one would you have taken first?

  • Oh, man.

  • You know, I loved Herbert when he was the Oregon.

  • I thought he had all the measurables and he could make all the throws.

  • But to has been just so sharp.

  • He's so accurate as a pastor that I don't think it's a bad pick to take two.

  • And I think two is gonna be a franchise player.

  • I still think the Dolphins pick the right quarterback and quickly Dan Graziano.

  • What sense are you getting that the Herbert situation is creating extra pressure in Miami to get to on the field?

  • None, I think to Mike Tannenbaum's point like this is a long term situation for Miami.

  • They wanna make sure it's right long term.

  • Look, I didn't talk to anybody, predraft that Justin Herbert over to it.

  • That includes the people who love thio.

  • Loved Herbert.

  • Excuse me.

  • I think if the picks and slipped to it would be a charger at this point, and Herbert would be a Dolphin.

  • So yeah, I think this is a new one RC writing off a guy before he's even played a game.

  • I think it's a little bit stronger.

  • E might be with Marcus Spears on this.

  • That's not what might be.

  • E.

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anyone who was watching get up leading up to the draft knows Mike Tannenbaum.

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