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  • This is everyday grammar.

  • I'm Alice Bryant, and I just got back from a wiener dog race.

  • Two dogs, Barkey and Milo, ran equally fast.

  • Barkey ran as fast as Milo you just heard me make.

  • And as as comparison between the actions of the dogs as as Comparisons express that two things are the same or equal in some way when comparing equal actions, we use the form as adverb as I used the adverb fast.

  • Jonathan, would you give us another example?

  • Sure, I'll talk about musical groups I like.

  • Fishbone performs as energetically as living color.

  • Thanks, Jonathan.

  • Now let's look at how we form these sentences.

  • The structure is this subject plus verb, then as adverb as then a noun or noun phrase, as as comparisons can also express inequality.

  • For example, if Barkey and Milo did not run equally fast, I could say Barkey does not run as fast as Milo.

  • All right, it's your turn again, Jonathan.

  • Sure thing these headphones don't work as well as the others.

  • Yeah, I know I've used those headphones and one side has no sound.

This is everyday grammar.

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