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  • At the beginning of time, in the far away reaches of space, the Clinton rose from a living darkness.

  • One of these a Morphosis embryos was venom.

  • Who was a frickin loser?

  • Hey, don't look at me.

  • All the group aliens were saying it, so they kicked the porcelain bowl street of the planet and its exile.

  • The CBO underwent a number of misadventures which firmly shaped its personality.

  • It bonded to a heroic crease.

  • Soldier rescuing refugees Ah, violent monster who committed genocide and apparently Deadpool.

  • Damn, no wonder venom so messed up in the head.

  • Eventually, the symbiote was discovered by Peter Parker, your friendly neighborhood Spider Man.

  • It gave him a pretty slick black suit and awesome new powers.

  • But after finding out it was a confused, raging, psychopathic alien, Pete decided to exercise it with the power of Christian rock.

  • A wise decision, although ill timed as this event would cause the civil to finally meet its greatest partner, Edward Brock.

  • And he was a journalist with the unluckiest bag story ever while trying to uncover the identity of a serial killer, he blamed the wrong guy the same day he published his article, Spied, he caught the real killer who lived right next door to the dude.

  • Eddie blamed Long story short.

  • Eddie was fired from his job, divorced by his wife and disowned by his father, who already blamed Eddie for his wife dying in childbirth.

  • On top of all of that, Eddie learned he developed adrenal cancer with only a few months left toe live man and I, the 2020 was rough.

  • I almost don't blame him for becoming a supervillain.

  • With all hope lost, he begged God to take it all away and got an answer.

  • The Symbian, Just like Captain Planet.

  • With their powers combined, these two losers became a super loser.

  • Well, no, they actually became a horrifying monster with all the Spiderman's powers and and some, their mutual hatred of Spiderman caused the symbol to bond Eddie like no host ever before.

  • They were perfect, a terror in the night and unstoppable demon.

  • They were Venna.

  • It even cured.

  • Eddie's cancer sort of.

  • It's complicated.

  • Apart from Spider Man's webbing and Web crawling powers, venom can use shape shifting to mold his body into cool doodads, swords, shields, tendrils, worm monster things, even wings.

  • Yeah, imagine seeing this guy flying outside your window at night.

  • Well, good.

  • Let sleeping ever again.

  • Venom can camouflage his entire body, heal severe wounds like impalement and lost limbs, see all around him at once and psychically project emotions on toe.

  • Others.

  • Normally, this just makes people feel sorry for themselves, like whiz on tinder.

  • But one time he convinced a bunch of other symbiosis that life was meaningless.

  • And they killed themselves.

  • Yeah, that's dark.

  • If desperate, the symbiote can even invade the bodies of others and make them burst from inside out.

  • You know, I bet he'd be great at birthday parties.

  • What, are you kidding?

  • You know, we could, like, make balloon animals out of his tendrils and stuff.

  • I mean, I guess anything's better than a clown.

  • Oh, great.

  • You said the C word.

  • Now I have to go get blackout drunk and get this image out of my head.

  • Yeah, I think I'll join you.

  • Come back in a couple days as we introduce Krone from Seoul.

  • Leader, This whiz is called a beer.

  • You drink it to not be a little bit.

  • I know what a theorist.

  • Sure you do, Mr White Claw.

A T and T Presents R TX.

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Venom Devours DEATH BATTLE!

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