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  • I give myself just six months to prove that I can create a sustainable business. I

  • Understand that this is a prison but I'm finding incredibly difficult to get the prisoners out of their cells and working

  • because of the prison authorities stringent rules and regulations I

  • think part of their problem

  • There's so short-staffed and so for them to keep the peace and put the more time you spend in your cell makes their life easier

  • so they don't warn you our

  • Remembers, these guys are here for reasons the place can it can erupt it can go and sometimes it's over the slightest thing

  • And we've got to keep that under control

  • What users happy to cut a month so it amounts to use at that Mort might meet finger look at myself then what

  • Imprisoned change people trying people change it. So prison ductwork prison mark mopping. I don't come on. Okay little ass in the others

  • Don't fuck. Oh, thanks a dugong

  • No needs to work. No one needs to come and commit the system screwed here. That's the issues

  • The governor ed Tullett wants me to get the prisoners grafting but he admits the prison system doesn't make it easy

  • We things that were pretty number reasons being in a prison is a lot of things being working on the outside

  • But it will to get through you've got a gate to get through. You've got security systems with routines

  • Possible themselves reasons as they're in jail are probably the same reasons haven't got jobs in the first place

  • Come in guys let's go

  • I'm under no illusions. This lot are no angels

  • Before they're ready to produce lunches to sell outside prison my system GN I need to finish their kitchen training

  • a

  • Few weeks ago they couldn't even scramble an egg today. We're cooking chicken Kiev's from scratch

  • But not everyone in Brixton prison

  • appears to be taking our project as seriously as I'd like

  • Repeat offender test for Jones is unhappy with his treatment by the officers on the wing

  • I'm grimy person who's not letting you yes, so the senior officer of the wing he's safer every funnel gray

  • So we're not actually working. So I was there when officer Todd

  • That's crazy, but it is work. I need to know that just that's ridiculous

  • Anyone working on this prisoner gets a special time stop to go and take a shower to work it

  • But they're saying it's not work. You're having fun. Yeah. No. All right

  • I thought the office would be in support of them. But on the opposite way

  • If Tesla has been singled out for the wrong sort of special treatment I need to talk to the officers concerned I

  • Want them to see this is not a jolly and

  • Feedback your sight. They are absolutely head down and they are grafting in there. They tell me that a lot

  • I don't know half the summer don't believe it. They tell me push that brew up and down the ladder

  • They're working very hard, you know? Yeah. No, but they said that they weren't getting showered last week, too

  • Nice in the trot, and this isn't fair

  • They do know I'm struggling because there's issues when they come back on the wing that they complain about you guys

  • They treat us like shit

  • They think we're on special privileges not work the officers don't think we work in so they take us

  • Down the realms of winding us up. No, I can tell you that more important things to do them

  • Yeah, I can say that no one goes out their way to wind them up

  • Are they starting to piss you off a couple of them think they're superstars was the Germans specifically

  • Yeah came in over the other day shouting the odds. He wants a shower

  • Calling me all those and the Sun pussy hole and God knows what?

  • Yeah, if someone comes to me and I tell them three times

  • They can't have a shower a shout and screen and call me names. Then. There's very little I can do about that

  • frustrating

  • Yeah

  • Appreciate your time. I'll Cooper. I know these officers are doing their best under enormous pressure

  • but they have a very different take on events to test for I

  • See him working more than they see him working. They see him Stephen. I see him working

  • So, you know, we got to meet in the middle

  • and I'm not gonna take everything as crew says 100% go in there and lay into them know that because

  • I'm back to square one the prisoners back to square one the systems back to square one and in ten years time

  • We're still in this shit situation. So

  • It's a fucking nightmare. I mean it really is right now on the fourth floor here

  • Yeah, I feel like the governor's bitch. No, don't do something we can't do and I'm not dead toilets, bitch

I give myself just six months to prove that I can create a sustainable business. I

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