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  • a child is the most basic element which can go into any house could be used on floors.

  • It could be used on walls, way harvest, air pollution as a resource to build tiles for design and architecture.

  • Er, this great big story was made possible by Accenture.

  • My name is Davis Sonal, and I barely tiles out off air pollution.

  • Okay, At carbon craft design, we're a team of architects.

  • Engineers and designers were working at the intersection off architecture, craft and technology.

  • We're all trying to see how we can solve this massive issue off air pollution through an architectural intervention.

  • We know that India is rooted towards the third largest housing industry and there's gonna be insane amount of demand off architectural building materials.

  • And it's important for us to create very solutions to solve this issue.

  • Way started to think what is the most basic element that we can build, And that is why we then came into building a tile.

  • It took us three years to develop the right formula for carbon tiles.

  • The Indians we used to make carbon tiles are marble ships, carbon emissions on marble powder.

  • Carbon is taken from the air through appropriately device by Eric.

  • It is made into a slurry and then compressed into a tile.

  • So we're using this 200 year old traditional handcrafting techniques, which was used by the local quarry.

  • Masons toe up, cycle the broken marble chips and produce higher grade surface finishes.

  • With this technology, we want to make various building elements or an entire building mirror of this way.

  • Want people from diverse backgrounds like researchers, architects, designers toe come together and solve this problem off air pollution creatively.

  • Mm.

a child is the most basic element which can go into any house could be used on floors.

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