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  • hi pals.

  • Let's start our morning saying things we like about ourselves.

  • I am creative.

  • I love to learn I can change the world.

  • Hurry!

  • The world is lucky Tohave you So how maney gooey fish are there altogether?

  • Count them with us.

  • 1234 Frau shucks!

  • Well, that's the bunch of them.

  • Now let's feed one too salty.

  • Hold up the gooey fish and drop it.

  • Bold nappy teat.

  • Oh, that's French for good.

  • Eaten!

  • Oh, let's not forget Pluto's.

  • He helped to hold up the gooey fish and toss it.

  • You know, how many gooey fish do we have left?

  • Let's count and see.

  • 123 Cast six minus two equals four.

  • Good.

  • Counting everybody.

  • Highboy.

  • What?

  • You're a high, Many e.

  • Well, hello there.

  • What a cute little His name is Salty Man Donald Or training him for the Big Circus show.

  • Why, he's my boy.

  • Oh, that sounds fun.

  • Way!

  • Wanna help?

  • Teach salty.

  • A trick to okey doke.

  • How about this tricky trick?

  • Maybe salty Kenly, learn to play a tune on these horns.

  • Oh, good idea!

  • Goofy.

  • Okay, Salty!

  • Play the four horns in order from the biggest horn to the smallest horn.

  • Oh, no.

  • Salty is mixing up the horns.

  • Oh, don't worry.

  • Salty.

  • We'll help you.

  • Maybe we have a mask, a tool that can help us mark the horns with different colors.

  • So salty doesn't mix them up.

  • Let's find out.

  • Everybody say, Oh, toodles.

  • Oh hm.

  • Which mosque a tutor can we use to mark the horns with different colors?

  • Colorful cards?

  • I think you're right.

  • Way got ears say cheers.

  • First, let's mark each horn with a different colored card so salty can tell them apart.

  • Red, yellow, blue, green, red, yellow, blue, green.

  • Now let's all sing the color pattern of the cards to help salty play the tomb.

  • Are you ready?

  • Yellow Green, yellow green.

  • Ready?

  • Saudi?

  • Yep, he's ready.

  • Yellow, yellow.

  • Yea, my good going Get morning.

hi pals.

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Pluto's New Friend ? | Mickey Mornings | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse | Disney Junior

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